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Yatca Twitter client for BlackBerry updated with bug fixes



Yatca has been getting some great feedback from those who have tried out the Beta. The client is available for BlackBerry devices running OS 4.6+ or later. Yatca separates itself from the competition by delivering updates and replies directly to the BlackBerry’s inbox so you can Tweet and reply in much the same way that you work with email and SMS.

Here are the bug fixes and updates that come with the new version:

  • Some people reported that tweets were disappearing from the message list, or that they were being notified of new tweets that they couldn’t see. It turns out that Yatca was being a bit over-zealous with its housekeeping in certain circumstances! Problem now fixed.
  • Image upload was running into a 50 KB size limit and anything larger than that was timing out on upload (another popular Twitter client for BlackBerry has the exact same problem!). This new version of Yatca tries progressively higher compression rates until the image is less than 50 KB.
  • When a BlackBerry is connected to a computer and in mass storage mode, third party apps such as Yatca cannot access files in the device memory or SD card. This was causing Yatca to display a cryptic error message when opening the image gallery. A more meaningful message is now displayed.
  • Twitter has an unconventional way of handling the ‘< ’ and ‘>’ characters that Yatca was not taking account of. This is now fixed (and thanks William for pointing it out!).

Download the latest version of Yatca for your BlackBerry.



Yatca Twitter app for BlackBerry updated – supports replies



Bla1ze does a great job of staying on top of app updates. Today, we got tipped off about an update to Yatca (Yet Another Twitter Client App). The latest version, 1.2.1, has a fairly lengthy list of changes so you may want to try it out even if you weren’t totally happy with the last version.

Get the latest version of Yatca here.

The changelog for Yatca is as follows, Storms owners ensure you read the last one:

* In many corporate environments, BES is used only to provide e-mail delivery, and Internet access is provided using BIS or the carrier network. Yatca can now support this scenario thanks to a new setting on the Options screen. By default Yatca will continue to connect to Twitter through the BES and only users who experience connection problems should change this setting.
* Curve 8900 users should now be able to take and upload photos!
* Users on all devices should notice an improvement in the quality of uploaded photos.
* In previous versions, Yatca would always refresh the timeline on starting, even if the auto-refresh setting was ‘None’. This has now been fixed.
* Some of the commands have been renamed to be more meaningful, e.g. the ‘Yatca Update Status’ command is now the ‘Update Twitter Status’ command.
* In response to a very common request, the ‘Update Twitter Status’ command is now available from all the system applications. So it is no longer necessary to open the Messages application to tweet!
* Feedback from Storm users suggests that Yatca works better on the Storm when compatibility mode is disabled. So I have added a couple of attributes to the OTA download file to force the Storm to run Yatca in this way. N.B. These attributes are only detected if you uninstall the previous version of Yatca and then do a clean install of the new version – upgrading will not suffice.


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New Twitter app for BlackBerry works with message folder


yatca Twitter

Our old buddy Simon pointed us to a new third party Twitter app for BlackBerry called Yatca (Yet Another Twitter Client Application). The app integrates your Tweets with your native messages folder. The app currently supports updates every 5 minutes, but expect this to change in the near future. New BlackBerry push APIs are becoming available, so we’ll soon see Tweets getting pushed so you can Twitter in real-time.

For more information, go to their website.

Downlaod Yatca for your device OTA here.

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