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Verizon Demonstrates Skype Mobile on YouTube


Verizon have begun to push their Skype Mobile services on YouTube, and while the video doesn’t reveal anything new about the product, it’s good to see that things are moving forward. Verizon claims the call quality will be excellent, and messaging will be an integral part of the service. Hopefully Verizon haven’t locked Skype down from doing business with other carriers, as I know many other BlackBerry users in Canada and on other providers would love to get their hands on this service.

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Shazam Updated With 7Digital Purchasing and Music Videos


Shazam is the app that’s famous for being able to tell you what song you’re listening to, simply by having the app tag a portion of the track. The app has been recently updated, and the major feature is that they are now offering sales through the 7Digital store. Also new to the app includes the ability to watch music videos of tagged songs with YouTube (Vevo?) and tweet tags to your followers.

Shazam is available on a free trial so check them out in App World.

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Manage media between BlackBerry and Facebook with Dazzboard


While your BlackBerry has an incredible amount of Facebook integration with the latest build of Facebook for BlackBerry, there are still a few issues with the UI and managing your media. For example, if you want to upload a picture to Facebook from your BlackBerry, you can only do so one picture at a time.

Dazzboard is a free online service that allows you to drag and drop media between Facebook and your BlackBerry. The service also supports a variety of other web 2.0 initiatives such as Flickr and YouTube.

The product is currently only for PC and users with Firefox 3.x.

Try Dazzboard for Facebook and start drag and dropping your media today.

If your BlackBerry isn’t connecting, make sure to use Mass Media Storage Mode.

BlackBerry Storm YouTube Client available


I don’t know how many people will be interested in this, as I have no problem browsing YouTube via my Storm’s web browser, but a dedicated application usually offers more functionality over the mobile web. Google has released a YouTube client for the BlackBerry Storm, allowing users to get a YouTube experience catered specifically for their favorite touchscreen. Here’s what’s included:

    * Browse millions of videos from your phone.
    * Access your favorites, your own uploaded videos and your favorite channels.
    * Share, rate, and comment on videos from your phone.
    * Upload videos from your phone.
    * Find the specific video you’re looking for by easily searching for it.
    * Discover “Related” videos for each video you watch on your phone.

Post a comment and tell us what you think of the YouTube application. If you like it, we’ll do a hands-on video for the BlackBerry Nation.

Download YouTube Mobile for the BlackBerry Storm


Telus Removes BlackBerry Streaming Media Block


Telus Mobility Logo

More good news for Telus BlackBerry subscribers today! While you’re pressing refresh every 5 seconds waiting for the new Telus BlackBerry Storm site to load, why don’t you pass the time by watching a YouTube video on your current Telus ‘Berry?

That’s right, Telus has now removed the streaming media block for BlackBerrys, meaning that websites like m.youtube.com are now useful. Many are speculating that this unblocking is part of Telus’ BlackBerry Storm launch prep, but the reason doesn’t really matter. Streaming media!

Note: Previously there was some concern that streaming media would only work on OS 4.5 devices and above, but we can confirm OS 4.3 works as well. OS 4.2 users, you’re on your own.


YouTube testing mobile ads


Advertisement on YouTube MobileBoth mobile advertising and video are both still picking up in popularity, but Google’s willing to put their eggs in that basket now that they’ve begun testing ads on YouTube’s mobile page. It’s tricky enough to get BlackBerry users to enjoy mobile video with so few 3G handsets out there, let alone convince them to click through on ads. Screen real estate is also at a premium, which might work out better for advertisers who can claim a bigger chunk of visibility, but end users may just see full-size banners as obnoxious. Many video providers integrate their ads right with videos, which might be a better way to go about things on mobile, since it they don’t impede the mobile browsing experience and provide richer advertising opportunities.

(via Official Google Mobile Blog)