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Educational App for Kids – Super Baby GO! Now Available on Bplay


super baby go

As a parent, I’ve fallen victim to many a public tantrum-fest with nary an infant-friendly distraction to be found. Fellow parents, I know you feel me on this one. We’ve all been that mom or dad at least once. However, there is one thing that children, infants especially, have always seemed to have an insatiable curiosity for: our smartphones. Although, at the risk of them dialing someone on the other side of the planet and subsequently racking up a phone bill of $364,654,723, parents often opt out of letting their cute little slobbery poop machines play with their phones…until now.
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Zeebu Launches ArtGO Coloring Book App for BlackBerry


Zeebu has announced the release of the full-featured version of ArtGo Coloring, the coloring book app on BlackBerry App World. Building off the success of ArtGO Coloring Lite, which has been downloaded several hundreds of thousands of times, the full version will sport lots of new features including:

  • Art GO coloring keeps your coloring within the lines, making coloring fun and easy
  • Optional toddler-lock mode keeps little ones from exiting the app
  • 100 different coloring pages included with the app
  • Coloring page pictures are now bigger, filling more of the screen and making coloring easier
  • Lots of new colors to choose from
  • An all-new crayon mode with realistic crayon texture
  • A new texture paint mode, letting kids color with fun images like grass, fur, rocks, water, stars, and more
  • Essential erase and undo functions

Zeebu is really awesome company that’s carving a new niche in apps for children on BlackBerry. The apps are great because children see the parents spend so much time with these devices and naturally want to hold them. So why not give them a fun app to play with? Perhaps RIM should consider making them a category in App World.

ArtGO! Coloring is available today on BlackBerry App World for $4.99

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Save the Date: App Showcase to Feature Magmic, Select Start, Tristan and More


Back in June we wrote about an app showcase featuring QContinuum, WICKSoft, Zeebu, GlitchSoft and Magmic. The event was hosted by Rob Woodbridge, former CEO of Rove current owner of Untether’d. The app showcase featured a group of developers meeting to show off their apps and it was cool to see what’s brewing locally in Ottawa.
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Roundup of BlackBerry PlayBook Apps We Have Seen So Far


blackberry playbook with plants vs zombies

Now that App World is accepting BlackBerry PlayBook apps, many are wondering what people are going to submit. We’ve taken the time to put together a roundup of all the PlayBook apps we’ve seen so far. There are many developers out there that are working on apps that we may not have spotted yet, so be sure to comment and let us know about them and we can add them to the list. So far there are a lot of cool apps and the PlayBook is shaping up to be a well-rounded device with both enterprise and consumer applications. Read after the jump for the full list.
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Some BlackBerry News You May Have Missed Last Week



Last week was an awesome week for BlackBerry 6 leaks as we saw the Curve and Pearl 3G, Bold 9700 and Bold 9650 all get blogged. There are some cool PlayBook articles worth checking out too. We’re starting to see developers really get into making apps for the upcoming tablet, and the fact that RIM has promised a free tablet to every developer that gets an app in App World, we’re hoping to see some cool stuff. Be sure to hit the jump and check out last week’s posts.
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Zeebu Mobile Demos Baby GO for the BlackBerry PlayBook


YouTube link

At the BlackBerry Developer Group in Ottawa, Anthony Rizk demonstrated how easy it is to create an app for the PlayBook using the Adobe AIR SDK. Zeebu has posted a video of Zeebu’s Baby GO running on the BlackBerry PlayBook simulator. According to Anthony, this took about 4 hours of work, including time figuring out the tools and packaging the output from Flash Professional CS5. The app also plays audio, but unfortunately they couldn’t get audio output working in the simulator.

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