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What Apps Are Going to Perform Well on the BlackBerry PlayBook?


blackberry playbook

The BlackBerry PlayBook is due to arrive in Q1 of 2011 and a lot of developers are plugging away at the SDK and thinking about what apps they’re going to build. At the BlackBerry Developer Group meeting here in Ottawa, Canada last night, we got a demonstration of the SDK by Anthony Rizk, founder of Zeebu Mobile and author of Beginning BlackBerry. The SDK looks incredibly simple and if your application is very graphics heavy (as is the case with BabyGO!), then porting your app to the PlayBook looks like a breeze. According to Anthony, writing the BabyGO! app for BlackBerry took about 2 weeks of development time, compared to about 4 hours for the PlayBook. Also, this 4 hours includes learning how to use the Flash tools which he had never used before.

But will BabyGO! be the type of app that users will be looking for when the PlayBook launches? Consider this: the PlayBook is launching after Christmas when most consumers who are interested in a tablet will have already purchased one. Those who are going to pick up a tablet will most likely be in enterprise, since it’s BES ready and a lot of employees who were normally locked out of the tablet market due to IT policies, will be able to bring their PlayBook on the network and start playing. A lot of these devices will still be locked down and in some organizations they may not be able to use any apps at all. There will also be a huge segment of users who don’t care about the iPad and are waiting for a PlayBook because they know their gadgets and they’re confident they’re buying a superior product.
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BabyGO! and Super BabyGO! Gets Halloween Letters Activity


super baby go halloween letters

Zeebu Mobile let us know that they’ve just pushed out a Halloween Letters activity for free to all the BabyGO! and Super BabyGO! users. It’s a spooky version of their letters activity in English, and it’s compatible for all devices (OS 4.2+) right up to the Torch. Each letter in the activity is also a picture of something Halloween-y that starts with that letter. Happy Halloween!

Get BabyGO! free in App World

Get it in app world

Grab Super BabyGO! for $4.99

Get it in app world
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Free Coloring Book App ArtGO! Coloring Lite by Zeebu


artgo by zeebu

Zeebu has launched the first ever coloring book app for BlackBerry – ArtGO! Coloring Lite. The app lets your little guy color just like a regular coloring book, but since it’s an app you can save it as your wallpaper, or email it to a friend or relative. You can also share the drawing on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Other features include:

  • Automatically keeps your coloring inside the lines (this feature can be turned on or off)
  • Save your art to work on later
  • Zeebu’s locking mechanism can be enabled to keep little ones from getting out of the app

Grab ArtGO! free in BlackBerry App World and if you or your kid likes it, leave a nice review.

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QContinuum, WICKSoft, Zeebu, GlitchSoft and Magmic at Ottawa App Showcase


Ottawa is a great city for BlackBerry and smartphone development. RIM’s App World team is located in Ottawa, and being a capital city, there are plenty of BlackBerrys floating around. There is also a large talent pool for mobile in the city as well and some of those bright individuals got together to demo their latest smartphone applications. The event was hosted by Rob Woodbridge, former CEO of Rove and the more interesting half of BlackBerryCool Untether’d.

The App Showcase event was a success and after the jump you can read all about the presenters and what they’re doing in the space. Stay tuned for the next event, where there will be more local companies showing off their applications. If you have a similar event in your area, send details to BlackBerryCool and we’ll help promote these companies as well.

Collectively, the following app presenters have apps that have been downloaded 12 million times! Be sure to check them all out.
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Zeebu Launches New Peek-A-GO Game for Kids


Zeebu is a hot company right now making BlackBerry apps for children. The latest app, Peek-A-GO, is designed for children 0-3 years old. The controls are simple: press the buttons or touch the screen and see who’s hidden behind the curtain. Just like Baby-GO, the keys are locked so your child can’t make any calls or send accidental emails and phone calls can be sent to voicemail while the game is being played.

Peek-A-GO is available at a very reasonable introductory price of $2.99. Check them out in App World.

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CEO Zeebu Mobile Dan Gagliardi on Business News Network


In a segment that BNN calls “BlackBerry for Babies”, Zeebu Mobile’s Dan Gagliardi talks about their product BabyGo, and its success in App World. While the product is available for iPhone, it was interesting to see the focus remain on BlackBerry. According to IDC Canada, Zeebu Mobile Inc. is one of the top 10 software companies to watch.

Watch Zeebu Mobile on Business News Network.
Check out Zeebu’s free app BabyGo in App World.
If you’re a fan of the free app, you’ll definitely want to check out the premium version Super Baby GO!

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