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Zenprise to host Device Management Best Practices Webinar



Next Tuesday, June 30th, Zenprise will be hosting a free Webinar highlighting five best practices for managing heterogeneous smartphone environments.

Drew Collier, Systems Operation Manager at Shook, Hardy, Bacon LLP, will share best practice policies and technologies for addressing the support of heterogeneous mobile devices. He will discuss how to enable multi-device support while delivering on the promise of mobile productivity. Attendees will learn how to:

  • Support different devices without burdening IT
  • Define multi-device support processes for the help desk
  • Modify organizational processes to provision, manage, and support different smartphones
  • Provide comparable service levels across all smartphones
  • Reduce trouble tickets by more than 50 percent
  • Reduce mean time to repair by more than 70 percent
  • Realize between 100 percent and 600 percent productivity improvements.

Be sure to watch the Webinar for Ahmed Datoo, vice president of product management at Zenprise, because he will be sharing the latest industry research on the growth of consumer-owned smartphones in the enterprise space. He’ll also conduct a live demo highlighting how to manage and monitor heterogeneous smartphone environments.

To register, visit the Webinar page and leave your contact details.


Zenprise enables large scale BlackBerry management and locating



Zenprise is announcing the launch of Device Manager, a new module for Zenprise MobileManager that enables organizations to remotely manage BlackBerry devices. The system will pinpoint the exact location of a missing BlackBerry, while also enabling remote management of BlackBerry devices.

This announcement from Zenprise represents a significant jump in empowering enterprise to mobilize their business. MobileManager will help desk personnel and BlackBerry administrators to find lost or stolen devices, proactively monitor and diagnose device issues and audit devices for third party applications – all leading to significant cost savings, improved service levels and corporate compliance.
Click through to see a full breakdown of new admin and location services from Zenprise

Zenprise explains BES outages in Europe


I just got an email from Ahmed at Zenprise about the BES outages today in Europe. Today, a Zenprise customer in the UK got an alert from Zenprise at 13:32 that the RIM SRP network went down. That network looked to be back up and running around 15:00. One of Zenprise’s US customers supports users in Europe and received an alert at roughly the same time, but service for them was restored at 14:13.

Zenprise helps BES administrators cut down support tickets by using automation. This system was well demonstrated today.

One of the automated diagnostics that their product runs before triggering an alert is to run a network protocol to port 3101 to test RIM connectivity (that’s the port the BES server talks to the RIM network on). It looks like one of the advertised IP addresses of the RIM network went down, and the traffic was rerouted to the secondary IP address. The propagation of the DNS changes may have taken some time, which is why some customers saw service restore faster than others.

Thanks again to Zenprise for the information.


Research finds disconnect between smartphone adoption and device management



Zenprise today announced findings from an Osterman Research study that reports that most enterprise IT departments are not equipped to handle the rapid increase in smartphone adoption. In fact, less than 40 percent of respondents express confidence in their mobile management platform.

Osterman Research forecasts that the proportion of the North American workforce equipped with employer-supplied mobile devices will double from 23 percent of the workforce in 2008 to 46 percent by 2011. If left unmanaged, rapid smartphone adoption can result in serious problems including lost productivity and revenue, as well as escalating support costs.

A synopsis of the key report findings include:

  • Only 40% of organizations expressed confidence that all elements of their mobile messaging platform are fully protected against downtime.
  • 60% of decision makers expressed modest, minimal or no confidence that they can protect their mobile infrastructure from downtime.
  • 33% of organizations do not offer an SLA and have no plans to do so.

Despite a clear lack of confidence in IT’s current mobile infrastructure, they are being asked to support a greater variety and number of mobile platforms. Software that can automatically troubleshoot mobile user issues and simplify management are fast becoming a staple of the data center.
Click through to read the press release from Zenprise

WES 08 Hangover Week: Audio Interview Round Up


microphoneKeeping with the ‘Long Weekend’ meme, we’ve decided to round up every audio interview from WES 2008. If you weren’t there, you missed quite a sight: Simon went completely bananas interviewing as many companies as possible, sometimes two at once. In honor of that dedication, you can find no less than six interviews in one post! Of course, you can always subscribe to our podcasts/interviews via RSS or iTunes

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WES 08 Interview: Ahmed Datoo of Zenprise


ZenpriseSo, we chatted up Zenprise‘s Ahmed Datoo about recent 64-bit update in version 4.0, and branch off into 64-bit servers in general. Take a listen over here, and be sure to keep an eye on our Best of WES podcast widget for the latest uploads.

Listen to the Zenprise interview