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FileScout 4 Launches With Updated Graphics and Dropbox Support


FileScout is an amazing productivity app for legacy BlackBerry Devices running OS 4 and above. The app delivers a lot of file management features that you’d expect from your desktop OS. Continue reading ‘FileScout 4 Launches With Updated Graphics and Dropbox Support’

Manage Images and Zip Files on the BlackBerry with FilesScout, Now Just 99 Cents


FileScout is a file explorer for BlackBerry OSes 4 through 7. Explore and manage files on your BlackBerry and SD card in much the same way as you would on a desktop computer.
Continue reading ‘Manage Images and Zip Files on the BlackBerry with FilesScout, Now Just 99 Cents’

Ziplorer 2.0 directory browser and compression agent



Ziplorer is a file and directory browser with the ability to create and manage zip files. Version 2.0 features:

  • Accessible: Internal BlackBerry memory, installed microSD card
  • Output formats: PKZip, GZip
  • Packable files: Any kind of files and directories (subdirectories are included automatically)
  • Features: Pack, unpack, delete, file info and browse the filesystem
  • Polished User Interface
  • File Type Visualization
  • Compress to a Certain Folder Move Files
  • Delete / Create Directories
  • Send Files Via EMail

Buy Ziplorer at our store for $11.99, that’s 40% off!


Aerize Card Loader deal


Aerize Card LoaderOne of the consistent complaints about BlackBerry is the lack of internal memory available for applications. Sure, microSD cards add some storage for media files, but programs have to be launched directly from the device. Well, Aerize has an interesting solution that involves swapping out applications stored on your BlackBerry’s physical memory onto the memory card so you can store more apps. These guys have an awesome sale going on now, where you can grab not only the card loader, but their fine file explorer (which includes a zip and unzip utility) for half off regular price. These are some very handy tools for those looking to save some room on their handheld… be sure to take advantage before the sale runs out on Friday!

BeamBerry updated


BeamBerryThe document viewer BeamBerry got updated to version 2.0 over the weekend. BeamBerry is a cool little app that lets you view, print and store PDF, Word, PPT, XLS, RTF and ZIP files on your BlackBerry. Pretty handy stuff, there. The big changes in the new version?

“The key new feature introduced in this release is the ability for users to attach documents that they have stored on BeamDisk to new e-mails. The release also includes numerous improvements in the areas of performance, reliability and security, and contains fixes for several bugs discovered in previous versions (e.g. various problems with BeamPrint).”

It’s still in beta, but I reckon these guys will be going commercial pretty soon. Better get in on the free software while you can.