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Rogers Introduces Zoompass Mobile Payment Solutions



When we last wrote about Zoompass, they had partnered with Telus and Bell to provide users with a means of sending payments to one another from their device. Considering the last two partnerships happened back in March, the launch on Rogers took a little longer than expected. Zoompass is a joint venture with all the major Canadian carriers, so this Rogers announcement nearly completes the rollout plan and from now on we’ll hopefully see some cool updates. Even though the announcement was sent out, there doesn’t seem to be any mention of a preload of the Zoompass App.
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Tyfone’s SideTap Card Allows Payments by microSD Card


The news that MasterCard and the major carriers have teamed up via Zoompass has got the industry excited about the idea that smartphone payments are fast approaching. The newest player on the scene is Tyfone’s SideTap card. The card can function as a payment device, allowing the user to scan their smartphone over a PayPass system. The product is said to hit the market in the second half of 2010, with trials slated to begin mid year.
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Zoompass App Now Preloaded on Bell Mobility Devices


Zoompass have announced that they are now preloaded on Bell devices and users should start seeing the app on the homescreen shortly. This isn’t breaking news because we know that Zoompass is a joint venture with all the major Canadian carriers, but it’s good to see how fast they’re moving. About a week ago, we saw the announcement that the Zoompass app was preloaded on TELUS, and at this pace we can expect a Rogers announcement next week.
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Zoompass Announcements Bring Us Closer to Mobile Payments


Zoompass have made several announcements today that position them as leaders in wireless payments. With the Zoompass Tag, and the Zoompass app for BlackBerry, the company is helping to push the industry away from paper and onto our smartphones.

The Zoompass Tag is a sticker that you put on the back of the device, allowing you to make payments by swiping your smartphone rather than a physical card. The 43mm by 33mm sticker is currently accepted where MasterCard’s PayPass is offered, such as Tim Hortons, McDonalds, Petro Canada and Loblaws.

Another initiative related to this venture is the news that TELUS are pushing the Zoompass BlackBerry app. All of the major Canadian carriers are on board, and we’re going to be seeing this app on more devices. The app can be used to send, receive, and request money, instantly and securely, on your mobile phone. While it’s free to register, there are still fees associated with the service.

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BlackBerry takes another step towards replacing the wallet



Zoompass is a service specifically for Canadians that lets you send and receive money from your BlackBerry device. The service uses your personal bank account or credit card and, for now, is aimed at your average consumer and not retailers.

While Zoompass has had a BlackBerry application for some time now, I haven’t heard about it and many of the major blogs haven’t written about them either. The service just recently came to my attention as they are now offering it for all mobile devices with Internet access, and not just BlackBerry.

If you’ve read my bio, you know I spent a decent amount of time living in South Korea. There, your mobile phone is your wallet. A chip is inserted into your phone, much like a media card, and it is directly connected to your bank like a debit card. This is where mobility is heading and it’s incredible to see a company taking North Americans one step closer.

“Our research shows people are looking for ways to simplify their payment experience,” said Robin Dua, president of En-Stream, the company that develops the application.

The service is aimed at a college demographic, who are constantly in need of a simplified way to send small amounts of money; whether it be repaying a debt or getting some food money from parents.

Canadian users can sign up for a free Zoompass account now and begin using the service. One caveat is the service charges. You will be charged 50¢ to make an instant money transfer each time. This price will hopefully come down as more users subscribe to the service and prove it works.

In Quebec, Virgin Mobile and the wireless offering from Videotron Ltd. are excluded from the service.

Sign up and start using Zoompass for BlackBerry today!