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10 $50 Amazon Gift Certificates Draw from Zumobi!!


Zumobi Launch Giveaway on BlackBerry Cool

**UPDATE** Many people have been asking if the Amazon.com Draw is over. We’ll be shutting it down on THURSDAY, JULY 24TH AT 11:59 PM EST, so if you have a friend who hasn’t entered yet, let them know!

Talk about TGI Friday!! In promotion of the release of their mobile widget application for BlackBerry, Zumobi has partnered with BlackBerry Cool to give away ten $50 Amazon.com gift certificates in a random draw. All you have to do is click the link below, submit your name and email address, and you’re eligible to win!

Of course, while you’re waiting to find out if you’ve won, you could read our hands-on impressions of Zumobi for BlackBerry or even download a free copy for yourself. What are you waiting for?

P.S. Everyone please post a comment of thanks to Zumobi for such a sweet giveaway!

Click here to enter your name in the Zumobi Amazon gift certificate draw!

Zumobi available for BlackBerry, we have impressions


BlackBerry Cool on Zumobi for BlackBerry

We gave you a brief sneak peak during WES in May, but today is the day Zumobi has officially announced their free mobile widget application for BlackBerry. What exactly is a mobile widget application? Look at it this way: the power of the smartphones in the hands of the BlackBerry Nation gives us the ability to update our Facebook, check out cool Flickr images, and maybe even read BlackBerry Cool (ahem), all while on the go. However, tricking out your BlackBerry in such a fashion usually requires a bit of work, or at least a handful of applications. Zumobi gives you the power to do all this and more in one application, using a slick graphical interface of 16 widgets (or ’tiles’ as Zumobi likes to call them) to place all the mobile content you want on one pretty little screen.

Zumobi was kind enough to give us an advance build, as well as an instructional video which should give you a better feel of how the application works. You can find our initial impressions and the video after the jump. Stay tuned tomorrow for the full review, as well as some special prizes we have in store for you on Zumobi’s behalf.

Hit this link in your mobile web browser to download Zumobi for BlackBerry:


Click here for a Zumobi demo video and hands-on impressions

BlackBerry Cool Best of WES: People’s Choice Winners


BlackBerry Cool Best of WES People\'s Choic Winners

We’ve tallied all the votes, and we’re now ready to announce the winners of BlackBerry Cool’s First Annual Best of WES: People’s Choice Contest. Reader participation is a huge deal here at BBCool HQ, so we were touched to see so many people voting for their favorite BlackBerry products and services. One of the most startling aspects of the contest was seeing just how close the voting was in many of the categories — you guys really like a lot of different things! To that end, we’re going to post the top three favorites in every category.

Thanks to everyone who voted!


Click here to see the rest of the winners!

BlackBerry Cool WES 2008 Hangover


Sleepy BloggerWhile the rest of the BBCool crew is enjoying a well-deserved, post-WES holiday (what we call in Canada Victoria Day), I thought I’d put up a post for all those in the BlackBerry Cool Nation returning to work today. While there’s tons of content to see at our Best of WES page, I’m going to pull out the creme of the crop to help you get through the day.

Podcasts: We did four podcasts during the week, but three really stand out and should be listened to by everyone in the BlackBerry space. Why is that? Maybe because we interviewed a cadre of AAA BlackBerry developers, a top-level carrier VP, and an industry analyst who has covered BlackBerrys for ten years.

Podcast 1 — Every Laptop Left Behind Panel (Rove, WICKSoft, LiquidTalk)
Podcast 2 — Irv Witte, VP of Business Marketing, Rogers
Podcast 3 — Andrew Brown, Analyst, Strategy Analytics

Viigo Project Tango Sneak Preview and Interview: Basically everyone we ran into at WES told us they read BlackBerry Cool through Viigo. See why.

Zumobi and Unify4Life: One of the best things about WES is seeing cool new products that you can’t wait to own. Unify4Life and Zumobi (hi-res screenshots) were those products this year.

NJBlackBerry Talks IT Admin
: BlackBerry Forums hero NJBlackBerry talks like a kid in a candy store about all the great products and services for IT Admins at WES.

YouTube Videos: Want to see the BlackBerry Bold launch video? Want to know what wBloggin is? Go here.

Finally, EVERYONE wanted a BlackBerry Cool tee shirt this year. Don’t be left out.

Hot off the press! Hi-Res Zumobi screenshots!



Although we recommend you check out Simon’s video preview of Zumobi for BlackBerry, we also wanted to show you some hi-res shots of the nascent application and its slick interface (grainy YouTube videos aren’t really the best for that). Hey, is that a BlackBerry Cool logo that I see? Why, yes it is! Zumobi for BlackBerry drops in June.

See more Zumobi shots after the jump

WES 08 Video: Zumobi


Zumobi is a promising new platform for content delivery, featuring a slick interface for widgets. Plop in your tiles, zoom in, get your fix, and zoom out to keep browsing. We take a look at the upcoming BlackBerry client.