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BlackBerry 8120 shots and details


Pinstack head honcho Hayden has got a plethora of fresh shots of a BlackBerry 8120, packing Wi-Fi, external microSD slot, OS 4.3, 3.5mm headphone jack, and a Wi-Fi browser. However, while we’re pretty sure that the CDMA version of the BlackBerry Pearl 2 (or the 8130, if you will) will have a 2 Mpx camera, our man Hayden neglected to state whether the camera in the BlackBerry 8120 is 2 or 3.2 Mpx, which prevents us from resolving the debate as to which device will be better. (Which would you take: EVDO, 2 Mpx BlackBerry with no confirmed MicroSD slot, or an EDGE, 3.2 Mpx BlackBerry with Wi-Fi web browsing? Also, where for art thou GPS? Deep within the 8110, perchance?)

Other items of note on this new beauty? Notice that, while the form factor has stayed mostly the same in comparison to the original Pearl, the soft keys surrounding the trackball have been enlarged, and there appears to now be a top and rear speaker. Also, check out the sweet “Dimension L” theme - I cannot wait to get my hands on that.

Thanks for the snaps, Hayden!

More BlackBerry 8120 goodness behind the jump.

Sprint’s BlackBerry Pearl 2 aimed for Thanksgiving?


TurkeyThe release date for the Sprint’s BlackBerry Pearl 2 has been narrowed down even further, since BGR has it on good word that it will be out by November, but supposedly lacking in Wi-Fi. As far as I could tell, the Wi-Fi was what made the Pearl 2 - maybe it’s another device with the Pearl form factor? Maybe Sprint is disabling the feature so they can charge for it… who knows until it comes out. As an addendum, they also heard of a CDMA Curve coming out in the first quarter of ‘08.

New Sprint Pearl 2 details


Sprint Following the brief viewing of an EVDO Pearl, a few more official-looking details have leaked through on Sprint’s Pearl 2. The 2 megapixel camera seems to be what the Pearl 2 will be packing (so long, dreams of 3 megapixels), and is slated for a Q4 release this year. That time frame lines up nicely with rumors of Telus releasing their own Pearl 2 before the end of the year.

(While Simon seems to think that these new Sprint Pearl details confirm that a 3.2 Mpx camera is not to be in RIM’s next SureType BlackBerry, I’m holding firm on my stance that the new GSM Pearl will have sweet 3.2 Mpx camera goodness, as well as other features such as Wi-Fi, while the CDMA variant will be more of a ‘tweener 1.5 Pearl, ed.)

Leaked slide behind the jump.

Pearl 2 coming to Telus before end of year


SecretsThe fine folks at BlackBerry Sync have heard that Telus will be getting the fabled BlackBerry Pearl 2 before New Years. The jury’s still out on whether the Pearl 2 is going to be the BlackBerry 8130 with modest upgrades such as a 3.5 mm headphone jack, and a 2 megapixel camera, or if it’s a beefier device with Wi-Fi.

No word of a Rogers release yet (but our best guess is mid-September), but if there are any employees willing to play defector out there, you could always shoot us a discreet e-mail ( info at blackberry cool dot com)… And all that stuff they say about loose lips sinking ships? Naaah. And, uh, nevermind that poster. We really should take that thing down.

T-Mobile’s BlackBerry 8100 gets facelift


Boy Genius’ T-Mobile snitch has dug a few more tidbits of goodness, although it might not be as exciting as a BlackBerry 8320 release date. By the looks of another leaked slide, T-Mobile’s planning on having a red, gold and blue BlackBerry 8100 available for sale come September 4th. Although the Pearl is nearing the end of its life cycle what with the Pearl 2 coming around the bend, RIM and carriers can still squeeze out a few bucks with a relatively cheap aesthetic makeover. One of the bullets claims that these Pearls are packing “real HTML web browsing”, we’re more inclined to believe that nothing has changed under the Pearl’s hood; this is strictly a paint job, and probably the last bit of love the BlackBerry 8100 will get before the new kid gets on the block.

Full slide behind the jump.

Weekly Contest: Kid in a Candy Store


We’ve got the BlackBerry 8310 landing abroad, and rumblings of the BlackBerry 8820 coming, and plenty of hype surrounding the Pearl 2 and others. By Christmas, there are going to be so many new devices that customers will need a minute just to uncross their eyes. As BlackBerry enthusiasts, we’re all feeling like a kid in a candy store, but sooner or later the moment of truth will arrive and we’ll have to pick which new device is truly the cream of the crop.

So, BBCoolers, for this Weekly Contest we ask: of all the shiny new toys coming out over the next couple of months, which one would you buy? What was the clincher, the final straw that made you say “It will be mine. Oh yes, it will be mine“? Maybe you’re fine with what you have now… what features would it take to get you to pick a new BlackBerry? Sell us on your BlackBerry of choice, and you’ll walk away with three ringtones of choice from Bplay.

LAST WEEK’S WINNER was a tough call, but we’re going to give it to Collin, with honorable mentions to Edward and Eric. Collin will be getting a copy of Chuzzle for his BlackBerry. This has been one of our busier contests as of late, and it’s awesome to see folks chipping in their two cents. Thanks to everyone who participated, and we welcome you to have another stab at this week’s contest!

Details on new BlackBerrys and OS 4.3 leaked


BGR picked some fresh information from the forums on new BlackBerrys coming out, although it’s largely reiterating what we already know. The Wi-Fied BlackBerry 8820 recently announced in Spain, the GPS BlackBerry 8310 also spotted in the wild, the BlackBerry 8320 rumored previously, and the Pearl 2 have all had some specs leaked alongside information of OS 4.3. Save the 8820, Wi-Fi and GPS will be mutually exclusive on the upcoming devices. The slides for both the 8320 and Pearl 2 claim only a 2 megapixel camera versus previous reports of a 3.2 megapixels or higher. I’d like to hold out for the latter, but only a release will tell us the final word. The Pearl 2 will have Wi-Fi and a CDMA version available.

As for the OS 4.3 upgrade due out this Fall, they’re integrating real-time streaming multimedia for Wi-Fi enabled BlackBerrys. 4.3 will also be the last upgrade for 87XX series devices, and nothing older will be getting any love.

Thanks to The Outsider for giving us the scoop!

Exclusive: The Black Curve is the Rogers BlackBerry 8310


Aah, sweet vindication. We took a lot of flack from the BlackBerry community when we posted an editorial about the Black Curve, a mysterious device that we had heard whispers about from some of our more favored insiders. People thought it was a bunch of hogwash designed to drum up traffic. Well, thanks to “RogersDude69″ we’ve finally been sent photo evidence that it does exist.

The ‘Dude tolds us that the Black Curve shown to the left is an unbranded Rogers BlackBerry 8310 (hooray GPS!). He also told us that this black variant of the Papa Bear will also not be hitting Rogers until after September. Apparently, Rogers took one on the chin from RIM for under-promoting the BlackBerry Curve in favor of the BlackBerry 8800. The Curve still ended up performing beyond expectations, however, while the 8800’s performance was lackluster. Rogers doesn’t want to make the same mistake twice and is going to heavily promote the device. Why so long a wait, then? Because Rogers doesn’t want a BlackBerry 8310 launch to muddle the upcoming BlackBerry Pearl 2 launch, which is set for mid-September on AT&T, and will surely follow shortly after on Rogers. Looks like the Black Curve is going to end up being a wintertime treat!

Now before you check out the cool pics after the jump, chew on this question: what does an impending BlackBerry 8310 launch on Rogers do to Canada’s chance of seeing the BlackBerry 8320? Our answer: probably kills it, considering Rogers was never a big fan of their client-base using Wi-Fi anyways.

Say thanks to RogersDude!

Vodafone to carry BlackBerry Pearl 2 by September?


BG’s Spanish connection at MiBlackBerry is suggesting a September release on Vodafone for the new BlackBerry Pearl. It looks like it’s just on the Spanish site, but hints at a widescale release. AT&T is slated for the same timeframe, with other carriers undoubtedly nipping at it’s heels. If you’re looking to Verizon, their leaked release roadmap doesn’t seem to have a BlackBerry in sight until at least October, unless of course the “Coupe” is referring to a rumored BlackBerry 8300 variant coming down the pipes.

In any case, Vodafone’s release in time with AT&T signals quick European spread of the new toy. Irked that we aren’t getting the same treatment this side of the pond? Check out our Weekly Contest, “Why Europe First?” and share your beef.

Oodles of BlackBerry Rumors: Pearl 2 to AT&T by mid-September, 8310 was the Papa Bear


Leave it to Boy Genius to drop a little bit of BlackBerry rumor to hold us over on a lazy Friday in the dog days of summer. According to his “very friendly RIM informants”, and supporting what we’ve thought all along, the Comet BlackBerry Pearl 2 will be arriving by the second week of September in a variety of colours… to AT&T first. That’s right, T-Mobile just got punk’d (although they apparently will still be getting the Pearl 2 eventually). Here’s a question: what does this mean for the rumored CDMA Pearl 2 for Verizon?

BG was also able to confirm that the much rumored Papa Bear is in fact the BlackBerry 8310, which is disappointing news to those who were hoping that the big bear would have both GPS and Wi-Fi. According to BG’s sources, the reason for no Wi-Fi is the fact that RIM can’t cram both Wi-Fi and GPS into such a small case design. This kind of makes sense; the Pap Bear never had a device number attached to it like the other devices in the “Bear” family — one would assume it would have been called the 8330 if RIM had been able to get the job done.

Hey BG, did you leak this news because RIM didn’t send you the BlackBerry Summer Survival Kit? Revenge is a dish best served by Internet informants, I guess.