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Orange UK launching BlackBerry pay-as-you-go soon

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Even though Orange is thinking about pulling the BlackBerry Bold from its device lineup, the carrier is still fully committed to BlackBerry, though at a decidedly more low cost scale. Our pal Ronen from BerryReview has noticed that Orange UK has posted the BlackBerry Pearl 8120 in Titanium and Indigo as ‘coming soon’ with a pay-as-you-go option. As you probably remember, RIM ceo-Jim Balsillie indicated during the fiscal Q3 2009 conference call that pre-paid BlackBerry options would be a growing trend worldwide.

Pricing information is unavailable at this time, but you can hit the link below to sign up for email notifications from Orange.

Orange UK BlackBerry Pearl 8120 Pay As You Go

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AT&T releases OS for a bunch of BlackBerrys

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Nan is happy!Good news for AT&T subscribers who want some of the new functionality found in the BlackBerry Bold without having to cough up the dough. AT&T has finally released OS for the BlackBerry Pearl 8110 and 8120, the BlackBerry Curve 8320 and the BlackBerry 8820.

We’ve included the download link below (make sure you select the right BlackBerry!), as well as a link to our handy OS Upgrade How-To, so you know what to do when the download is complete. Enjoy!

AT&T BlackBerry OS Download Link
How to Upgrade your BlackBerry OS

Pink BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220, Sandstone Pearl 8120 now live on Rogers site

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Continuing with the quiet Rogers releases, the pink BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 we told you about a few weeks ago has finally appeared on Rogers’ website. Arriving itwh it is the ‘classic’ BlackBerry Pearl 8120 in a fancy pink sandstone color. Both Pearls can be yours for $49.99 on a 3-year contract, with a voice and data plan over $35.

To sweeten the pot, Rogers will also provide a $50 Canadian Tire gift card. You can learn more at the link below.

Pink Rogers BlackBerry Pearls

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Wi-Fi Curve, Pearl come to South Africa

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BlackBerry 8120 and BlackBerry 8320 from MTN

MTN has launched the BlackBerry 8320 and BlackBerry 8120 to South African customers, expanding on their existing GPS versions of the Curve and the Pearl. It’s been awhile since we had heard from MTN, but it’s good to see the African market is still getting some of the newer devices, but will they be getting the BlackBerry Bold any time soon? RIM’s COO Don Morrison has high hopes for their progress into Africa, and a BlackBerry 9000 launch there could go a long ways. Find more info on the MTN BlackBerry 8320 here (available in gold and black) and the BlackBerry 8120 here (available in titanium and black).

(via ITNewsAfrica)

Taiwan Mobile giving away free BlackBerrys to enterprise

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In order to rope in a few corporate contracts, Taiwan Mobile now has a promotion to give away the BlackBerry 8120, BlackBerry 8300, BlackBerry 8707 and BlackBerry 8700 to enterprise customers who are willing to sign up for a monthly NT$1,499 ($US 47.70) plan. Taiwan Mobile is aiming to crank up their enterprise activations tenfold before the end of the year, which, while ambitious, could very well happen with a promo this enticing. Australia’s having a similar promotion with the BlackBerry Bold, which will likely see a lot of success. If you’re in an enterprise in the neighbourhood, you can contact Taiwan Mobile here to get started.

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BlackBerry Kickstarts pop up on Expansys, featuring PTT!

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Those fine folks who gave us the first quasi-official look at the BlackBerry 9500 are now showing the BlackBerry 8220 and BlackBerry 8210 for presale. No word on pricing (we’re holding out for $50 on contract), but they’re showing off red and black versions of the new flip BlackBerry Pearl, along with specs that mostly match up with what we’ve seen before. What’s new, however, is push-to-talk support! The upcoming iDEN BlackBerry 8350 is a solid nod towards the demand for the feature, and if the Kickstart has it too, it’ll be making a lot of people happy. As expected, the BlackBerry 8210 will be covering the GPS end of things and the BlackBerry 8220 will have Wi-Fi. The Rogers slip-up yesterday combined with this makes me think an announcement is going to happen soon - after all, if this new Pearl is due mid-September, the publicity train had better start chuggin’ along.

(via Cellpassion)

Full specifications for the BlackBerry 8220 and BlackBerry 8210 behind the jump!

Fresh BlackBerry Pearl cases from Speck

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Some new hard cases are now available from Speck for $24.95, sporting a very stylish array of colours including green, red, pink and crystal clear. Normally I find hard cases a little bulky, but these look very slim and snug, while also giving your BlackBerry a bit of colour. BlackBerry 8110, BlackBerry 8220 and BlackBerry 8330 cases ready to roll, but if you’re packing an older Pearl, the BlackBerry 8100 SeeThru case is still available. Head on over to Speck’s online store for a closer look.

(via MarketWatch)

BlackBerrys to land in Vietnam in October

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Viettel will be bringing the BlackBerry 8700, BlackBerry 8800, BlackBerry 8100 and BlackBerry 8320 to Vietnam this October. The 4,000 devices on the way will be the first shipment Vietnam sees, and Veittel is lined up to be the sole distributer in the long run. We actually get quite a few Vietnamese readers on BBCool, so it’s good news for them. Mobifone is in a close race with Viettel for cellular subscribers, but an exclusive BlackBerry deal could be the tiebreaker that puts Viettel in the lead.

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New BlackBerry Pearl colours coming to T-Mobile

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Three shiny new shades of BlackBerry 8120 are coming to T-Mobile in the near future: tahitian green, indigo and light blue. We’ve seen the indigo before, but if these mock-ups are close to the real deal, then I could see that green one doing pretty well. Of course the BlackBerry 8220 and BlackBerry Javelin are on the way to T-Mobile as well. The flip BlackBerry previously known as the Kickstart will also be available in a variety of colours (we’ve seen it in blue and red so far) and shipping with OS 4.6 - expect it on shelves around late September for $50 with contract. As ever, the BlackBerry Javelin, looking like a Bold/Curve hybrid and shipping with OS 4.6.1, should be coming out late November on T-Mobile. That’s a lot of new stuff coming down the pipes for T-Mobile before the end of the year, but the lack of 3G on the Javelin and the potential for the touchscreen-packing BlackBerry Thunder to be coming out on Verizon in the same time frame might make it a tough call for some buyers.

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OS 4.5 available from Orange UK

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OrangeThe latest BlackBerry operating system has been making the rounds by way of private beta builds for awhile now, but it looks like a few carriers are starting to make them publicly available, including Orange UK for the BlackBerry 8120 and BlackBerry 8320, as well as TIM Italy for the 8100, 8300 and 8310. Odds are these will work hunky-dory for your own device, so feel free to give ‘em a shot and get on fresh goodies like HTML e-mail viewing (if your BIS supports it), remote e-mail lookup, native document viewing, and plenty more.

(Pinstack via BerryReview)

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