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SBC To Acquire AT&T for $16 Billion


We’re a bit late on this but better late than never, it has been rumored for awhile that SBC will acquire AT&T but now it has been finalized by the AT&T board just needs to pass share holders and regulatory approval. The FTC better take a close look at this merger, I rather not go back to the days that Ma Bell rule the world. We would still be dialing with rotary phones if that was the case. We’ll keep a close look on how the SBC/AT&T/Cingular conglomerate will effect the Blackberry world.

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Turn Your Blackberry Into Wireless Cash Register


USA ePay has come out with a hardware attachment that will allow automatic credit card processing through the Blackberry. The device works on Blackberry handhelds that have OS 4.0 installed. The program has already been tested and deployed. The first major customer is Prime Time Shuttles, which has been testing the device in its LA location and will soon launch nation-wide.

I can see it now, pizza delivery men and woman racing to the stores to buy a Blackberry.

Blackberry Cool Forums Up!


Our forums are now up, come and join all the fun! Right now poor SilverSiR(admin) is all alone, he is lonely and desperate for company :-(

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Siemens Sk-65 Review


Siemens Sk65Mobile 88 has a review on the new Siemens Sk65 that comes with Blackberry connect. It is actually the first 3rd party hardware to come out with the Blackberry connect software. The phone comes in 3 versions, 2 of them with Blackberry connect and the other one without. Unfortunately the reviewer received the one without any Blackberry connect software. If anyone from RIM is reading this, we would love to review the SK65 with Blackberry Connect. Even with that in mind the review is still a good read and showcases the direction of RIM, concentrating on software rather than hardware.

Read the review on Mobile88

Ask Us! Have Both webclient and BES email active on a BlackBerry?


Anonymous reader asked “Is it possible to have BOTH webclient and BES active on a BlackBerry?”. It is very much possible that you can use both BES and BWC (Blackberry Web Client). The only issue is that there is no way that you can seperate emails coming from your BES email or BWC email, they all go in the same inbox. To tell what email was sent to what addresss, you will need to check each email and look at the “To” field. Read further on how to setup your BWC.

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7100g First Coming To 3 Hong Kong


Cingular 7100gThe 7100g will actually be first introuced by 3 Hong Kong, instead of Cingular. It is expected to come out mid-February, we still do not have any word when Cingular’s version will be rolled out. 3 Hong Kong was actually the first Asian carrier to introduce the Blackberry handheld and now they will be the first to introduce the 7100 to the Asian market. The 7100g will have the same 22-key layout as the 7100t and the 7100v, “push-email”, Bluetooth, and a 260×240 LCD screen. The major difference in the 7100g is that it works on CDMA networks.