Berry411 Review


Berry411 does what its name implies telephone and adress lookup, and does it simply and effectively. In addition to telephone numbers and address it includes quick search for movies times and Google results. It is definantly a must have program for every Blackberry and best of all it is completly free!

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3 Responses to “Berry411 Review”

  1. 1 Mac-Lover

    I have been using Berry 411 for 3 months. It is simply awesome. You wont realize the full utility of this until you are in an unfamiliar place. I have trained my wife to use it while I am driving the car — she does the research to simple questions with Berry 411.

  2. 2 Barry Polner

    I am very pleased with the new version of Berry 411.
    I have but 1question- how do you delete itemms from the search history?

  3. 3 ray

    This is an awesome progrma- but please note that this is not technically “free”- the author has asked that if you like the program you please donate to the tsunami relief efforts. The program is not crippled in any way if you choose not to, but please do consider donating afew dollars to victims of the tsunami.

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