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Christian from Tampa, Florida emailed us to ask :

“I just got the blackberry 7100t but I’ve been puzzle when I try to use the SureType features in other language (Spanish) …Does SureType works in any other languages beside English?”

Click below for the answer.

SureType supports English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and I am sure RIM will be adding more in the future. You can change your input language by going to:

Options -> Language -> Input Method -> Select Language -> Wheel-click and Save.

Note, if you do not see your preferred language, just use Desktop Manager to upload the language files.

  • sameer
    today i recevied BB 7100t, but its display language is spanish, i cant understand its menu, so do' i cant change it into english.

    help me in changing the language
  • SanskritG
    "just use Desktop Manager to upload the language files."

    Where are the language files?
  • Nababbo
    Dear Friends: so stand, I would like to HAVE NOT in neither way SURETYPE inside my device: if with application loader I deselect alla languages so i don't load them what happens: writing I don't get any suggested word (=multitapping)? Please answer me: this is what I'd want...
  • Tony
    I have a 7100g. I have tried to select another input language using the described method (I tried French). After selection, the SureType does not do anything. No word is ever suggested. Do I need to upload an additional file to the handheld?
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