Magmic’ Medieval Kings Chess - Reviewed

Magmic has sent us another game to review. This time they sent us their latest Medieval Kings Chess, bringing you the classic game onto your Blackberry. Unfortunately none of us here are Grand Champions so we can’t write a 10 page critique on Magmic’s chess engine. Hardcore chess players will need to look else where …


Installation of Magmic games are nice and simple. They offer OTA (over-the-air) installations that makes everything kosher. The file size is 131kbs, which is up there for a game, but can probably be blame on the graphics.

Game Play

The chess engine in the game has 3 settings, easy, medium, and hard. I played medium for awhile and was unable to beat it after a few rounds, which is not saying much because I am not much of a student of the game. The computer actually takes a few seconds to do its move, I found out this was intentional because if you hit the space button you force the computer to make a move. This gave off the feeling that you were playing a real game of chess and not against some super computer. What I found really useful was the ability to undo your last move; this will definitely come in handy for the most of you. One issue that bothers me in the game is that you can only move the cursor horizontally and not vertically which becomes annoying.


The graphics are stunning if you play on a 7100. The chess pieces are nice and defined but playing on a 7200 or 7500 series handheld it sometimes becomes a chore to see the pieces. The lack of screen real estate hurts the game and forces Magmic to make the pieces fairly small that even my 20-some eyes sometimes have a hard time seeing. This of course is no fault of Magmic, they even try to resolve this by having a high contrast mode which helps a little. My suggestion is to have a simple graphics mode, where the pieces are of simple design, with big fat lines and have no pretty shading graphics.


In its current version Medieval Kings Chess does not have a multiplayer version, but Magmic has promised us that this will change. They are currently developing real-time multiplayer chess which would make the game so much better. They will be offering free upgrades to people who have already bought the non network game.


Chess is a classic game, and I love how Magmic’s version came out. The Medieval theme of the game is very appealing, and aids in the game play. Other than the small issue of sometimes hard to see chess pieces on the 7200s and 7510, this game has no faults. And when they release their real time multiplayer feature, that would make the game that much better. The game retails for $6.95 which is a steal.

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The Game On a 7290

Small Display Option on 7100

Big Display Option on 7100

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