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The Independent On The Siemens SK65


Siemens Sk65We have already posted past Siemens SK65 reviews, but this review from Independent looks at the Blackberry Connect feature indepth. The overall conclusion is that the phone is decent but doesn’t appeal to current Blackberry users due to lack of Blackberry PIM featres and awkward user-interface.

But the key layout on the SK65 does not feel quite as easy to use as the original BlackBerry, which sits snugly in the palm of a hand. With the SK65, the temptation is to lay the phone on a flat surface to type. Its screen, while clear, is also smaller than the screen on a BlackBerry device.

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T-Mobile All Patched Up


WiredNews explains how last year Nicolas Jacobsen, 22 breached T-Mobile’s server. The exploit called WebLogic first discovered in 2003 which allows an attacker to remotely read or replace any file on a system by feeding it a special web request. With the knowledge of the exploitation Jacobsen went on to find servers that have not been patched. He hit the jackpot when he got into T-Mobile’s server and accessed Paris Hilton’s account along with other celebrity notables including Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore, and Nicole Richie. The hacker had access to T-Mobile customer passwords, Social Security numbers, dates-of-birth and other information, which he offered to make available to fraudsters.

T-Mobile has started to notify 400 customers about the possibility of their data being leaked, but it seems very probably that many more have been breached. T-Mobile has since patched the vulnerability.

Blackberry 7100g Availabe At EAccess


Last week we posted about the Blackberry 7100g being pulled off Cingular’s website for ordering. Due to high demand Cingular is taking corporate orders only for now. So we decided to send an email to EAccess a wireless reseller and here is their response:

Yes, we have hundreds of the 7100g in stock and are selling to consumers and businesses. We can activate with either AT&T or Cingular rate plans.

The prices start at $249 with contract.

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Bear Sterns Lowers Price Target For RIMM


Bear Stearns has lowered their price target on RIMM from $68 - $75 to $75 - $83. The investment firm cited increasing competition in the near future from major vendors in push email technology and hardware devices. Companies such as Microsoft, Nokia, Siemens, and Motorola were said to pose the bigges threat. For 2005, 2006 and 2007, Bear Stearns estimates earnings per share on Research in Motion of $2.05, $2.80 and $3.00, respectively.

Motorola Razr V3 vs. RIM BlackBerry 7100g


C|Net has setup a poll between the Moto RAZR V3 and the Blackberry 7100g. They call it the “Sunday Smackdown”, so we’re guessing you only have a few hours left to vote. Even though we are a bit bewildered why C|Net is putting up two very different devices head-to-head we should still show our support.

Currently the standings show the Motorola RAZR winning with 54 % of votes and Blackberry 7100g has 44%. Let’s try to tip the balance and show our support for RIM.

Please go visit and vote for the 7100g. It’s about time Blackberry was recognized by the general population for their excellent hardware/software!

Vote Now at C|Net

Thanks To Mark Rejhon for the tip …

Planned Blackberry Outage This Sunday


This is a planned outage unlike the outage last Tuesday. The service bulletin below is for Rogers users so we are unsure if it pertains to other carriers.

Subject: Rogers Wireless Technical Support status message for 2/24/2005 8:05 PM (EST) **Planned Network Activity**

The Rogers Wireless Interactive Mobile Services Notification Team has been advised of the following scheduled network activity on a component of the Blackberry network:

Scope of Customer Impact: Some Blackberry customers

City: All
Province: All
Country: North America

Date and Time of Incident: 2/27/2005 2:00 AM (EST) Service Duration: 4 Hour activity window with up to 2 Hour 30 Minute downtime.

Expected Customer Impact: Blackberry customers may experience delays in receiving messages or may receive an “X” when trying to send. Undelivered messages can be re-sent following the network activity.

Thank you,

Technical Support Notification Team
Rogers Wireless