Why RIM Is So Late With Blackberry Connect Handsets

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In a previous article where we asked where are all The Blackberry Connect enabled cell phones. Well we got an email from a RIM employee that works in the Blackberry Connect department that the reason for the delay is an issue with carriers and not RIM. The European market which has a bigger selection of handsets and way cooler ones at that were the main people that pressured RIM to bring their Blackberry Connect to their handsets. It makes sense when you think about it, look at which handsets Blackberry Connect is on or slated to be on, T-Mobile Germany’s MDA III and MDA IV, Siemens SK-65, Sony Ericsson’s P910i , and Nokia 6820/6820. These phones are only available in the European market and we in North America get the water downed version of things like the P910a and Nokia’s 6820 without any Blackberry Connect.

So the carriers are at fault, but then the question we have to ask is it an issue of carriers being slow and not wanting to bring over the cool handsets or is it an issue with the NTP patent infrigement case keeping them hesitant.

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