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Let’s face it the Blackberry handheld is targeted towards more for the business clientele. Other consumer applications like Instant Messaging and games are nice to have but most of the Blackberry market would see no use for those types of programs. An application that they should take a look at is QuoteStream by Quote Media which provides real time stock information from your Blackberry handheld. Imagine getting real time performance of your portfolio anywhere there’s a wireless signal. QuoteStream allows that and we must say that we are very impressed with this program.

Quote Stream

QuoteStream Wireless packs a lot of features into this program. QuoteStream is built by Quote Media which licenses its technology of streaming financial info and news to other companies. They have some big name clients including ScotiaBank, Fiserv, Southwest Securities, OTC Bulletin Board, Schaeffers Research, Friedman Billings Ramsey, AIM Trimark, Research in Motion, Zacks Investment Research, and more. So when Quote Media with their extensive expertise decided to offer a Blackberry solution, they did it right. I can write 3 pages worth detailing each feature but I rather not, and I am sure you rather not read it.

List of features:

    • Ability to create and track multiple portfolios.
    • Real-time stats, ability to set refresh rate from 5 seconds to 1 hour to save on your data usage.
    • Real-Time Level II NASDAQ information.
    • Set stock alerts, have your Blackberry notify you by a ring when a stock reaches its buying or selling point.
    • Multiple Charts.
    • Stocks are clearly colored green for rising, yellow for no change, and red for losing.
    • All the major North American market industry are tracked including the Currency Exchange.
    • You can easily get general financial news or look up a company’s news for the day.
    • List of major winners and losers for the day.

We had no problem connecting to the server, we tested it out for about a week and things worked flawless. We were using a BES so I can not determine if WAP performance was any worst. QuoteStream does offer a free trial so we recommend that you try it out first and see if there are any connection issues, especially T-Mobile users.

QuoteStream has a tier cost system, where the base pricing starts at $9.95 which includes delayed quotes for all market indices. Real-Time stats will cost you an extra $10 a month per each market indices. I like this pricing system where you can pick and choose what you like and not waste money on markets you do not watch.

This program is a must have for people who need to keep track of their portfolio where ever they go. The different price points is a plus, whether you’re a stock broker and need instant real-time stock quotes and market news or a weekend trader you can customize the program to suit your needs. It is stable, efficient, and relatively affordable for most Blackberry users at $9.95 per month. The only complaint I have with this program is that the “Enter” key is not mapped for selection. That is a very minor issue when you consider the benefits of this program.

Visit Quote Media for more info …

More screen shots below:

  • Jerry Gates
    not sure what I have done wrong. I have a new BB curve and have tried to register for the streaming quotes and stuff. I entered AG803095 and a password. However, it says I have been canceled and I have not gotten on yet. I was not sure to be a new user or existing so most likely messed it up . I had another BB before this, an older one. Please advise. Thanks.
  • Jill
    Check out Simon Sage's newer Quotestream review, from 26 October 2007, at Blackberry Cool at this url: http://blackberrycool.com/2007/10/26/005880
  • Edgar
    I wish more information
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