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Idokorro Mobile Admin For BlackberryYesterday we had a look at Idokorro Mobile SSH which is a telnet and SSH client, we thought it was a great product, but today we stepped it up and are reviewing Idokorro Mobile Admin, which is suited more for the enterprise solution. If you’re an IT administrator who is on call, and wishes there was an easier way to deal with network problems on the fly without having to dig out a laptop, or head into the office, then Idokorro Mobile Admin might be the product for you. Mobile Admin is an all around IT administration solution for the BlackBerry, from Idokorro. It lets administrators manage their Windows, Lotus Domino, and Novell machines. Also a telnet and SSH client similiar to Mobile SSH but with a few more features is included for free with the purchase of Mobile Admin.


Mobile Admin has both a server and a client piece. The server is installed onto a Windows (2000 or later) computer in your network.

Setting up the server was very easy. The installer takes about 5 minutes to run, asks a couple of questions - like whether you want to use RSA SecurID, if you have an RSA server installed - pops up a dialog to enter your serial number (or trial serial number) into, and it’s done. After that, you can add any number of servers you want to manage by browsing.

The client piece for the handheld can be downloaded to your Blackberry OTA (over-the-air) from your server, so it’s easy as well.

There’s no other setup to be done. Mobile Admin uses your Windows or Active Directory username and password to authenticate you, so once you have the client and server set up, just start the app, enter your credentials, and you can start managing computers.

User Interface

The user interface is graphical and menu driven, like other Blackberry apps. Most tasks involve clicking on a few links, selecting a menu item, and maybe filling out some fields on a form.

The program is layed out in a similar way to the desktop Windows and Domino administration tools, so if you have experience with managing servers using your PC, it’s really easy to figure out how to do it from Mobile Admin on your Blackberry. While using it, we found that everything was where we thought it should be. It was very intuitive.


Mobile Admin has a big list of features. Almost anything you could imagine wanting to manage is here.

For Windows, you can manage:

    * Active Directory (editing users and groups)
    * Exchange (mailboxes, email addresses queues)
    * Command Prompt (everything you can do from a Windows command prompt)
    * Local Users & Groups (create and delete users, change passwords)
    * Services (start, stop, restart)
    * Event Logs (view events)
    * Processes (view, kill)
    * Files (delete, copy, move, edit)
    * Printers (clear queues, pause, resume)
    * Rebooting (restart windows computers)
    * IIS (websites, ftp sites)
    * SQL Server
    * Oracle
    * and a lot more

For Domino, you can manage:

    * Server Tasks (start and stop)
    * People and Groups (create, delete)
    * HTTP Passwords
    * Server Documents (edit)
    * Databases (delete, compact, fixup)
    * Administration Requests (approve, reject)
    * and more

For Novell you can manage NDS/eDirectory Users, Groups and Organizational Units

You can even manage your BES, if you have one, using Mobile Admin!

The SSH and Telnet client is similar to Idokorro’s Mobile SSH product, but supports SSH 1.5, and key authentication - and since everything goes through the Mobile Admin server, you can see active connections, and end them from the server.

This is just a partial list of the features, there’s a complete list on Idokorro’s website. Of course for each of the things we listed, there are a bunch of features included.


As with any wireless app, there is some network lag, but Mobile Admin seems to cache some stuff on the Blackberry, so it’s usually very responsive.

We didn’t have any trouble managing any of our servers. Everything worked like we thought it should. The server seemed very stable and didn’t take up much memory or processor power on the Windows machine. And the SSH and telnet client seemed a bit quicker than Idokorro Mobile SSH (which wasn’t too bad itself).


Mobile Admin seems like a great product for the average IT administrator who might be on call 24 hours a day. It lets you fix problems in your network from anywhere, using only your Blackberry. You might still have to take care of stuff in the middle of dinner, but Mobile Admin means you probably won’t have to leave the table!

There’s a free 30 day trial available for download that lets you manage up to 50 servers, so you can evaluate the product, or just play around with it.

It starts at $1995, which lets you manage 8 Windows, Domino, or Novell servers - and access an unlimited number of SSH or telnet machines. There aren’t any restrictions on the number of clients that can connect to a server. You can buy additional licenses, to manage additional
servers, starting at $245 per server. The time and cost savings alone easily justifies the price for any business, small or large.

PS - We don’t mind you using our review to try to convince your Boss or Purchase Manager on Idokorro Mobile Admin.

Visit Idokorro for more info…

Idokorro Mobile Admin Idokorro Mobile Admin

Idokorro Mobile Admin Idokorro Mobile Admin

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