ThinPrint Announces Printing Solution For RIM Blackberry Handheld

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CANNES, France - 3GSM World Congress, February 15 /PRNewswire/ — At 3GSM in Cannes, France, ThinPrint, specialist for mobile print solutions, introduce a printout application for emails and attachments from BlackBerry
with Public Printing.

BlackBerry(R) is the ideal solution for wirelessly accessing and processing emails., but many users also wanted to print this data directly from the handheld. At 3GSM in Cannes, ThinPrint will be demonstrating how this need can be met with the Public Printing software solution.

Email texts or attachments are forwarded from the BlackBerry handheld to the Public Printing email address. After just a brief moment, the user receives an access code by email. When the code is entered at the Public Printing terminal, printing begins. Any formats can be supported if the relevant application is installed on the Public Printing server. Visitors to 3GSM are invited to test Public Printing for free. Public Printing terminals are located at the ThinPrint booth, Hall 4, Stand L37, and in the BlackBerry meeting suite in Hall 2, Level 1.03.

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