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TieGo Another RIM Blackberry Competitor Emerges

We’re having a hard time keeping track of all these new companies offering its own version of push email technology. You have Good Technology and Visto which right now are the bigger players that pose the most threat for RIM. Let’s not count out some of the lesser known players like iAnywhere, SEVEN, and now TieGo which can easily come out of no where and upset RIM. Where RIM once had room to stretch it’s arms out in the barren land of push email now are definantly feeling the squeeze. Mark Evans a reporter for The National writes on his personal blog,

My take is they’re reluctant to be seen as a one-trick pony in the fear that another wireless e-mail solution could come out of nowhere to steal their thunder. By protraying themselves as a wireless platform developer, they are trying to give the impression the threat of an e-mail competitor is already being addressed.

Below is TieGo’s Press Release …

3GSM Cannes, France (PRWEB) February 22, 2005 — TieGo , a pioneering provider of business and consumer mobile e-mail and PIM solutions, today announced the commercial availability of TieGo Mail™ 2.0, a revolutionary mobile e-mail solution designed to help remove barriers to mass market adoption. TieGo Mail’s push email and notification solution for hundred of millions of mass-market phones; combined with TieGo’s track record of delivering high performance mobile email solutions provide key elements for transforming mobile email access from a niche market to a mass market service.

TieGo Mail™ 2.0 offers powerful new capabilities on mass market devices including:

• Push email and notification
• Enhanced, on-demand, wireless user experience
• Streamlined OTA distribution process
• Microsoft Office interactive attachment handling and Image support
• Intuitive easy to use format with multi language support
• Optimized transport, superior performance
• Feature-rich, small-footprint and network-agnostic
• Access to multiple corporate and personal email accounts of different types, including POP3, IMAP4 and Hotmail; supporting a wide range of authentication and security standards
• Broad range of Java enabled mobile phone support enabling true mass market adoption

With over-the-air distribution of service and extremely simple installation, TieGo Mail enables delivery of mobile mail to the masses - corporate and personal mail alike. TieGo Mail technology has already been deployed by and powered commercial services of leading operators and service providers.

“Mobile email today is becoming the number-one mobile data application” said TieGo CEO, Ariel Kahan. “We are witnessing a clear thirst for email solutions that do not necessarily require high-end smartphones, and are keen to be providing a non-compromise solution that bridges the gap for mass-market adoption.”

About TieGo
TieGo is a leading provider of wireless business solutions for handheld devices, based on a mobile messaging platform that is scalable and highly optimized. TieGo’s mobile email has been selected by Orange and Cellcom. Platforms developed by the TieGo team have been launched by Verizon Wireless and EarthLink. Please visit for more information.


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  1. a
    February 23rd, 2005 08:06

    I had no idea Seven was a “lesser known player:”

    seems they are better known than the others….

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