Major Blackberry Outage

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Yesterday we started to have data issues with their Blackberry that caused us unable to send email, PIN message, or surf the internet which is still continuing this morning. We thought it was an issue of our own BES because we were all on the same server. It actually is much more than that, seems like the outage is due to an internal issue at RIM with their SRP server that affected most of the Blackberry subscribers. I first noticed the problem at 8 PM EST when I tried to get on to to get the latest NBA scores. So I sent an email to myself at 8:35 PM and it is currently 8:35 AM and the email still hasn’t been sent. Various other Blackberry users from around the net are reporting that their service is now backed up after a few hours of downtime but still no luck for myself.

Hopefully RIM gets this resolved because 12 hours of downtime and continuing is a huge amount.

Update: Service has been fully restored at 9:19 AM EST.

  • Richard Finkelstein
    14 hours and counting without e-mail after a full day out on September 5. I can get a web page but no e-mail in and few out. So my service has been down for two of the last three days!
  • Don
    We experienced downtime with out BES server, it lasted from about 5pm till 2am CST when out SRP ping was finally returned. I guess that's why I was on hold for 3 hours last night.
  • peterg22
    "Where is the media coverage on this?" They probably couldn't get the copy across using their Blackberrys ...
  • Anon
    We experienced 2.5 hours of complete downtime and my separate web client was also down just as long. and were also unavailable during this time. Where is the media coverage on this?
  • Anonymous
    Please note that most North American BES/BWC users only experienced less than 2-3 hours of downtime. I think your 12+ hours was unusual, at best.
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