Official Service Bulletin From RIM About The Outage

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Below is the official service bulletin posted by RIM about the service outage. As you can see below 100% of all Blackberry subscribers were affected by the outage. You would think RIM would implement some sort of redundancy so when something goes wrong not everyone is affected. The official cause of the outage is fairly vague, stating that “a component of the BlackBerry network infastructure experienced a service interruption”. Read for yourself below ….

A component of the BlackBerry network infrastructure experienced a service interruption which has now been resolved.

**** Correction to: Impact Statement ****

Service Affected: BlackBerry Relay service for some *EU and NA Network subscribers in the following locations: All Regions

Summary: BlackBerry Infrastructure Service Outage

Impact: For North American Carriers:

Customers will experience delays in receiving messages and an “x” when sending messages. Undelivered messages may be re-sent after the incident has cleared. New SRP clients and other services cannot authenticate. PINs without recent activity cannot be assigned, so their traffic cannot be processed. Customers will lose SRP connections. BES clients will not be able to reconnect and new users will not be able to register their devices until after the incident has cleared. Subscribers will be unable to receive messages and will receive an “x” when sending messages. Subscribers will be unable to use Relay Roaming. GRX roaming is unaffected. Subscribers who attempt to register will receive a message indicating that the request has failed. These subscribers will not be able to send or receive from their handheld until it is registered, after the incident has cleared.

For European Carriers:

BlackBerry Internet Service - Email subscribers may experience delays when sending or in receiving messages, all messages will be delivered after the incident has been cleared.

Ticket Number: BB000026223

Start Date and Time: 23/02/2005 12:26:00 AM (GMT)
End Date and Time: 23/02/2005 3:15:00 AM (GMT)
Event Duration: 2 hour(s) and 49 minute(s)
% of Subscribers Affected: 100.00 (estimated)

Cause: Network Issue
User Action: If users are still experiencing delays or service interruption when sending or receiving messages, they should attempt to re-register the device. If user still experiences issues, the user will then have to power-cycle the device.

EST = GMT - 5 hours
EDT = GMT - 4 hours
AEST = GMT + 10 hours

  • Alexander Scoble
    The issue wasn't just with their BB service as their websites (both and were unreachable during the outage.

    But yes, they should have some sort of backup systems in place to keep customers up and running while their main systems/internet links/whatever have problems.
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