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Johny asked us,

I just recently bought a 7520 Blackberry. I can receive SMS text messaging but can not reply. Am I doing something wrong??

Blackberry 7510 and 7520 are unable to send out SMS, but don’t worry Johny there’s still hope. Remember your Blackberry is an emailing machine, what you do is email, ie as per an earlier article we wrote on It will automatically route your email to the appropriate carrier then phone. The only drawback is that you can only SMS North American phones.

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  1. 1 Eric

    how can i email a text to my wife’s cell phone in order to avoid “text” charges on her end?
    She’s with Verizon.


  2. 2 Al

    Use (phone #)

  3. 3 ap

    I still can’t stand not getting sender information for incoming SMS messages on this model. Is there any fix yet?

  4. 4 Robert

    I have similar issue, is there a list of all the service providers Text messaging host address

    My wife is with Sprint, my blackberry is with Nextel, she can sms me via phone number but I havent found out how to message her back yet

  5. 5 Daniel

    I found an even cooler site called it allows me to convert my email to voice (email to phone) and listen to it on any landline or mobile phone and I can reply by voice back to the originating sender :) They also allow ‘cascading’ so I can selectively have emails reach me at home, then on my cell as a text message, then at the office and so on - kind of the ICQ version of what teleflip’s 1 trick pony approach is about.

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