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Jim asked,

I have a Tmo 7100t with OS4 and wanted to know if there is a way to sync that with Desktop Manager 4 and Mozilla Thunderbird. I recently switched from IE to Firefox and would love to move from Outlook to Thunderbird as well. However syncing contacts, calendar and tasks are absolutely necessary.

Jim the quick answer is no, what you can do is export your contacts from Thunderbird to Outlook and sync it that way. You can use Outlook for Calender and Tasks duty in Outlook because Thunderbird doesn’t have any of those options. Yeah it’s a definant major pain in the behind. What RIM does is use a 3rd party company called Intellisync for their Desktop Manager software. My guess is that Intellisync will only support Thunderbird and Apple when RIM decides to pony up the extra dollars. Don’t count on it though, Mac users have been asking for Apple support for the longest time but RIM has never obliged thus forcing Mac users to buy a 3rd party software called PocketMac for an extra $30.

We feel your pain, we use Thunderbird exclusively because of the security issues of Outlook. You should write to RIM, hopefully with enough people complaining they will do something about it.

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  1. 1 Jerry C

    Google Calender (Need I say more?)

    After Gmail caught my attention I have been a faithful user. They did it again with Google Calendar.
    I have been searching up and down for a way to Sync my 8700g (T-Mobile) with no results.
    gcalsync . com boasts a solution for faithful Blackberry users, but I have yet to hear of any true success. I gave them a few attempts only to have all my appointments listed under the same day, back in 1965!

    So far the best I can come up with is a half hacked compromise. I am able to view my “Agenda” using my browser and a feed from my Google Calendar, but at this point I cannot truly sync my BB with the dates and contacts of my web based friend.

    Is there hope on the horizon for Google Calendar/Blackberry users?


  2. 2 Matthew J. G. Price

    I have a pearl 8100. Its hit the deck a couple of times. The trackball works to the right and up and down like normal but to move the cursor left i have to exert pressure down on the ball. The technical support here in germany is, in a word, terrible. Is this something that I could repair myself?
    Also, is it possibe to edit my adressbook on the phone itself or do i have to do all that with Outlook? I have Thunderbird, which from what I’ve read is not compatible. The blackberry user tools cd that came with it is good for nothing that i can figure. Please, any help would be much appreciated. I just want to get the most out of it. Its such a cool phone and its a god send for my small mobile business.

    Thank You,


  3. 3 Steve

    This information was very helpful, however I noticed it was a couple years old. Do you know if they have done anything with Thunderbird yet? Thanks in advance.


  4. 4 Gene

    Like Steve was asking: has any progress been made to integrate Thunderbird contacts with Blackberry contacts?

    I have just started looking into this … is it possible perhaps to integrate GMail contact with Blackberry and then have Thunderbird use the GMail contact list?


  5. 5 Leafs News

    I use a Thunderbird plug-in called “Lightning”. We use Google hosted e-mail for my work address and it runs beautifully. Google Calendar syncs up no problem with it.

    We had hosted Exchange through 1and1 before and it was a joke. The Google hosted version is instant, runs through IMAP and works like a charm. 100% uptime and a nice feature to store you emails for later and searc them using Googles search technology.

    I have not found a way to have Thunderbird/Lightning and my Blackberry to sync up yet.

    I’m continuing my search.


    Leafs News


    That is the calendar plug-in.

  6. 6 Fernando

    Try with It’s based on Funambol, which is an open source initiative to synchronize all kind of devices. I’ve been using it with Thunderbird and an a Windows mobile smartphone and it works fine. There’s also a Blackberry plugin, so it should be possible to do what you all want.

  7. 7 Max

    I found a workaround:
    sync Thunderbird to Plaxo, Plaxo to Outlook express and outlook Express to Blackberry.
    The only problem Plaxo still has few minor bugs. A potential problem is that at some point Plaxo may start charging for this . Otherwise seems to work ok. Setup is all userfriendly.

  8. 8 Vishal Mehra

    There is an easier way — Thunderbird/Lightning -> Zindus -> Google Sync.

  9. 9 Doc

    How does that Zindu thing help? Google Sync doesnt do addresses.

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