Dialing Letters

If you need to dial a letter on your Blackberry and you do not know which letters correspond to which numbers, don’t fret you do not need to. I had this issue when I wanted to order from the local steak restaurant, Montana’s for you guys in Canada. Their toll free number is 1-80-RIBS-TO-GO, I started dialing the number and realized I have no idea how. I figured it out though, to dial a letter just hold the Alt(half moon)+Letter. Your Blackberry will automatically figure out which number each letter corresponds to and dial.

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  1. 1 gocyclones

    What about for 7100t where you’ve got two letters per key?

  2. 2 gocyclones

    To answer my own post, alt-letter, letter for the second letter. It actually shows as the letter on the dial screen.


  3. 3 ckostecki

    thank very much for this tip. drove me nuts trying to figure how to “dial by last name” on a corporate directory. had to ask my wife to take out her phone and tell me which numbers were the letters i wanted.


  4. 4 ckostecki

    Oh, and we have montana’s here in Canada.

  5. 5 RedRover

    Thanks so much! Dialing by name in our Audix system was an exercise in educated guessing until I read this tip!


  6. 6 Quality Man

    So *that’s* how you do it! I have been stopped dead by the dreaded “Enter user’s last name” feature in voicejail systems too many times to count!

    Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

  7. 7 Blackbeary

    What about office phone extensions… is there any way to make that work? say the nnumber is 123-4567 extension 899?

  8. 8 loren

    Put a comma to get a 2 second pause, or an exclamation mark for a “wait” between the phone number and the extension. You can also press he wheel and select “Insert Pause” or “Insert Wait” while editing the phone number.

  9. 9 Hulber

    If you put a phone number with letters in your address book it will also figure it out when dialing.

  10. 10 Jack

    I have a 7100g. Each key pad contains two letters. Just about every website I’ve come across FAILS to mention the following:

    To enter a “C”, press ALT, then “7″ once.

    To enter a “V”, press ALT, then “7″ twice, quickly!

    If you don’t, you will always get the letter on the left side of the key pad.

  11. 11 PoloNYC

    for extension #you can simply type in “x” in front of the extension # in the same line as their main number.

    Questions to you all:
    What about if you dialed the number and you reach directory. Now you need to spell the person’s name. Is there an easy way to do that!?

    You gotta love and hate crackberries!

  12. 12 Andrea

    This has been driving me NUTS!!!! Thank you!!

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