Enabling Gmail On Your Blackberry

GmailGmail is Google’s web based email service that has been revolutionizing free email. A few things make it superior to Microsoft’s Hotmail, including 1 gig of storage, better user interface, and the ability to set your gmail account as POP. Setting your gmail as a POP accounts means that you can start receiving your emails in Outlook, Thunderbird, or to your Blackberry. Below we outlined the steps to start getting your gmail email on your Blackberry according to Google’s instructions.

Part A) Setting up Gmail For Pop.

1) First you need a gmail account, right now you can’t sign up you will need to be invited by a friend to try out gmail.
2) Log in to your account and go to Settings -> Forwarding and Pop -> Enable POP -> Save Changes.

Part B) Setting up your Blackberry.

1) Log in to your BlackBerry Web Client account.
2) Click ‘Profile’ along the top of the ‘Home Page.’
3) Click ‘other email accounts’ in the ‘Email Accounts’ section of your profile.
4) Click ‘Add Account.’
5) Enter the information for your Gmail account.

    * Email Address: Enter your full Gmail email address (including ‘@gmail.com’).
    * User Name: Enter your Gmail username (including ‘@gmail.com’).
    * Password: Enter your Gmail password.
    * Re-enter password: Re-enter your Gmail password.

6) Click ‘Submit.’

31 Responses to “Enabling Gmail On Your Blackberry”

  1. 1 Jon Maddox

    This is nice and all, and it was nice of you to document for our friends on google. But, why not just have google forward your e-mail to your blackberry email address, and use your gmail address as your Reply-to address? this is what i did with my original pop email. Then i decided to just have my gmail forwarded as well. This way i can get it right away like a love of the blackberry shows us, instead of it just checking every 5 mins.

  2. 2 Mike W

    For the best possible end-user experience using BlackBerry Web Client with Gmail, you definately want to use Gmail’s mail forwarding feature. When you have your Gmail forwarded to your BWC account address (ex: username@vzw.blackberry.net), it is pushed to your device immediately, giving you a realtime push email experience that a BlackBerry’s Enterprise customer experiences.

    Note: If you set up BWC to retreive your email (like in the posted instructions within the article posted), BWC will poll your Gmail account every 15 minutes. This makes that quick “realtime” like email communication impossible.

    Many email services from many ISP’s allow for email forwarding, so you can apply this feedback to Comcast’s POP mail, Yahoo! POP mail (pay service), .MAC email, and many others. I personally would suggest that you set the forwarding feature to “forward, and leave a copy on the email server”, so you can still retreive your email via webmail, Outlook, Outlook Express, etc..

  3. 3 peter boudiwan

    pls i would like to register for GMAIL, thk u.

  4. 4 M I Qureshi

    I wouldlike to register for GMAIL. I wonder how can I be invited “by a friend” to try it out. I don’t know a friend who can. Can I be helped in any way?

  5. 5 Brad

    Google recently went from giving some users 4 invites once in a while to giving everyone 50 invites. Those of us who don’t have 5 billion friends send them to ISnoop. Go to http://isnoop.net/gmail

  6. 6 prashanthjk

    send me invitation

  7. 7 Mark

    I set up gmail on my BB like ‘Mike W’ suggested and everything has been going great. Thanks Mike W.

  8. 8 Jane

    could anyone send me gmail account please!!!!!! to somewhere_sofar@hotmail.com

  9. 9 FITZ

    I don’t want to seem like a technophobe but I use the enterprise server version of the Blackberry server, how do I go about setting up access my gmail account on my Blackberry. Thanks in advance

  10. 10 Karen

    If you use enterprise service on your BlackBerry, you need to activate a blackberry internet service account through your provider- (this is prosumer service)- generally, if enterprise service is activated through a company, they can select either enterprise only or enterprise and prosumer- if you have prosumer enabled (most common) just go to the blackberry internet service (some carriers still call it blackberry web client) site for your carrier and there will be the option to create a new account, which will let you receive emails from your other email accounts.

  11. 11 hadip

    If I set it up as MikeW suggests - all the gmails are forwarded to my blackberry - how can I get blackberry’s delete/file to do anything useful?

  12. 12 UncleShrek

    If someone wants to be invited for a gmail account, your email address is needed. :-)

  13. 13 Jamie

    Gmail and Gtalk client for BB from ShapeServices

  14. 14 John

    If you use gmail forwarding, won’t you have limited space on your blackberry account?

  15. 15 Mista Dobolina

    Recently purchased the 8700g (LOVE THIS BB) and set it up with gmail. I am discouraged however, because everytime I send an email from my BB it sends a copy of my sent message right back to me! its quite annoying.
    Does anyone know how to fix this?



  16. 16 NYC Jonny

    Having the same problem as Mista above. I enabled POP in gmail after I added my gmail account to my blackberry internet mail service. I’m definitely getting the “push” experience like my enterprise email account, but I have two issues:

    -Both my gmail messages and messages from my enterprise account are showing up in the “messages” screen. I have a separate view where I can see just my gmail, but no way to just see my enterprise mail.. any thoughts?

    -As Mista mentioned above, when I send a message using gmail, the sent copy shows up in my blackberry inbox as a new message.. hmmm

  17. 17 Brooklyn Bob

    You can prevent outgoing emails from being sent back to your handheld by creating a filter on the BlackBerry Internet Service website (bis.na.blackberry.com/html?brand=mycingular). In the “Apply Filter When” field, choose “From field”, and type your gmail address into the “Contains:” field. Note that this will also prevent emails sent from the Gmail website from being sent to your BB.

  18. 18 Robert

    Thank you Brooklyn Bob. This solves the problem that NYC Jonny outlines.
    I have my Blackberry Peal device configured against Gmail POP (e.g. no forwarding to Blackberry Email) and it works perfectly. Immediate Email arrival, plus (with bob’s tip) no annoying sent Emails arriving on the blackberry.

  19. 19 onedoubt

    I have a doubt here,I have a blackberry from the office.So,if I forward my personnel gmail emails to my blackberry.Is there any way,that the office guys would be able to retrieve it from the MDS server or someother way ???


  20. 20 Danny

    If you forward your (gmail) email directly to the isp’s web client account (not your office email address), most likely it is seperated from your company’s Outlook server.
    The BES talk to the Exchange server only; then back to your isp (say Verizon) to forward your office email to your BB.
    The isp web mail should go directly to your BB from your isp (say Verizon).
    If you tunn on “keep a copy in the send folder”, you will see the different.

  21. 21 Jan


    I have a nother problem with GMAIL and BLACKBERRY. I have configured my GMAIL to archive all forwarded mail. The problem then is that my BLACKBERRY will not sincronize. All the e-mails are shown as my BLACKBERRY INBOX untill I delete it. Is there some way I can archive it in GMAIL and not have to manually delete every message with my BLACKBERRY?

  22. 22 Chrost


    Am kinda interested in getting a blackberry… I only use the gmail account, and i dont have any other email, my question is, What do i have to do exactly to make my blackberry so it could receive emails directly as emails are recieved to my gmail… in other words, when i recieve an email to my gmail, i would like to see a new message on my blackberry.

    thank you

  23. 23 Barry Clague

    This is how I have it - works great.

    On your blackberry only setup the account for your blackberry email (not gmail). On the blackberry account make the reply to address your gmail account name. Also on the blackberry account - create a filter so mail from your gmail account (when you are sending from your pc) is not sent to the device.

    Under gmail settigs - forward all incoming mail to your blackberry account but create a filter so that any incoming mail received from you (from your gmail account) is archived instantly (these are copies of messages you send from your blackberry account so you can keep your sent messages from the device on gmail as well).

  24. 24 Hannah

    This is my problem:

    I have a blackberry curve and love it. My only issue now is that with gmail, all emails that I read on a computer are not shown as being read on the blackberry and all emails that I read on the blackberry are not being shown as read on the computer. This is only a gmail issue as yahoo and other email clients work fine.

  25. 25 Hannah

    To Chrost:

    I currently work for Cingular/AT&T and this is the way we set it up for our customers.

    There is a blackberry website where you create a username and password, then all you do is put in your email address and password and its automatically set up with your device. Its very very easy. You get a folder on the blackberry that shows all messages in real time due to the blackberry push technology. If it wasn’t for the one issue that I posted about a few mins ago….I would have no complaints.

  26. 26 KAM

    I am using the blackberry and I set up the Gmail account, Ggmail was delivering and delivering the same e-mails, again and again….the cell phone was ringing all the time, so I had to delete the account.
    Would someone let me know how I can solve this problem…?
    Many thanks,

  27. 27 davidcv

    You can configure IMAP for your Blackberry and it will sincronize. Follow the links below form Google

    You can retrieve your Gmail messages with a client or device that supports IMAP, like Microsoft Outlook or Apple Mail.



  28. 28 fabienne

    hello i use a bbry from the office and i had the gmail app for sometime now…im leaving my company so i deleted the gmail from service book and the gmail app is now gone. however now when i sent an email to my gmail it still shows on my bbry work folder….what can i do to completely remove it??? thanks so much

  29. 29 Justin

    If you receive duplicate e-mail on the handheld when sending a message via Google Gmail™, create a filter from your BlackBerry® Internet E-mail account (BIE) to resolve the issue:
    From a computer, create an e-mail filter for BIE.
    Enter information in the filter to avoid receiving duplicate e-mail on the handheld when sending a message via Google Gmail.
    EXAMPLE: Follow the example below when creating a filter to avoid message duplication:
    Filter Name: My Sent Gmail Msgs
    Apply filter when: “FROM” Field
    Contains: @gmail.com
    Select the check box: [X] Do not forward messages to handheld
    NOTE: After you create the filter, you cannot send e-mail messages to your handheld from your Gmail account.

    Complete the following steps to create e-mail filters on My T-Mobile for BlackBerry® Internet E-mail:
    From a computer, log in to My T-Mobile.
    NOTE: The filters of BIE cannot be set from the handheld. It must be done from the Web site.
    In the left hand panel, click E-mail Accounts.
    From the list of e-mail accounts, click the Filters icon beside the desired e-mail account.

    Click the Add Filter link to begin creating an e-mail filter.

    Examine the options in the Add Filter screen and carefully plan out a desired filter.

    Perform the following to enter the necessary information for the filter:
    Filter name: This can be anything that is descriptive of what the filter does.
    From the Apply filter when drop-down, select one of the following:
    New mail arrives
    A high-priority mail arrives
    “From” field: Filtering based on who is sending e-mail.
    NOTE: Insert multiple e-mail addresses by separating them with ; (semi-colons).
    “Subject” field: Filtering based on text content in subject line of incoming e-mail.
    “To” field contains
    NOTE: Filters using ‘To’ field contains’ and “Cc’ field contains’ do not apply to Microsoft® Exchange/Outlook Web Access (OWA) and Domino/iNotes.
    “CC” field contains
    Select one of the following:
    Forward messages to handheld
    Header only
    Level 1 notification
    Do not forward messages to handheld: Stops e-mails caught by this filter.
    Click Add Filter.
    Note that the filter name appears in the filters list.

  30. 30 GURU

    This feature sucks. I hate POP3. They should should support IMAP.

    POP3 basically makes your inbox one of these:
    1) tons of unread emails while you read them on blackberry!
    2) tons of archived emails!
    3) read emails are deleted from the server and stored on BB, so if you open it via another client you won’t find them!

    All in all, POP3 sucks… we need IMAP or Exchange protocols instead. Mailboxes must be in sync..

  31. 31 vn

    Getting sent messages/duplicate message on your Blackberry:

    For those of you who have reported the problem of getting copies of email that you ahve sent from your PC on your BB device, the filter solution works but also filters any messages you cc: yourself or send to yourself.

    Instead, you can do the following to avoid seeing sent messages: http://www.blackberry.com/newsletters/connection/business_solutions/dec-2006/tips-and-tricks.shtml?cp=NLC-32

    Hope this helps. Cheers.

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