Rivals Microsoft and Symbian Team Up

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Symbian a British-based company that develops the popular mobile operating system has agreed to license synchronization software from long-time rival Microsoft in an effort to win more corporate customers. The software called ActiveSync enables Symbian-powered handhelds to wirelessly receive emails via network computers that run Microsoft’s Exchange Server software. Handheld maker Nokia which is by far the largest seller of Symbian-powered devices has already signed the same licensing deal with Microsoft.

“Microsoft isn’t a monolithic company. This is a deal we’ve done with their server division and is aimed to complete the portfolio of email solutions, so that people have the choice to receive emails whichever email system they use,” said Symbian spokesman Peter Bancroft.

Even though ActiveSync is not true push-email technology it still poses a big threat to RIM’s Blackberry technology, especially when you consider there is over 20 million Symbian devices in the world.

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