NetDocuments Mobile Document Services For Blackberry


Access your documents from the palm of your hand and capture work as it happens. Sounds promising! With the proliferation and firm-wide acceptance of BlackBerrys for wireless email, why not also access, open and view documents from the same devices. BlackBerry and NetDocuments users can now view, search, email and access all their documents. An attorney, for example, can open documents linked in an email as a notification is sent from the client who has reviewed documents shared in a secured Extranet, or a secretary or a legal team member has edits to be reviewed.

NetDocuments users can truly enjoy anytime, anywhere and anyway access to the NetDocuments service to securely browse or search an entire document management repository, cabinets and folders, view documents and associated profile metadata, and email or notify others. This significant enhancement allows attorneys, real estate professionals and other mobile business professionals to stay connected with immediate access to company and client shared information while on the go.

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