Ask US! Disappearing Emails?

Kikki1967 asked us,

I just installed version 4.0 of the OS and now the BlackBerry 6750 unit deletes all my messages from the days before today. How can I fix it?

This reason why emails are getting deleted is actually not due to a new feature or bug in OS 4.0 but the fact that OS 4.0 takes a larger amount of memory than OS 3.7. When there’s a lack of free space the OS will automatically start clearing older emails. You can check your free space by going to Options -> Status, make sure to have at least 50-100kb. If you have less you should start removing unused applications.

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4 Responses to “Ask US! Disappearing Emails?”

  1. 1 Dan

    I just noticed the same problem today when I tried to find some old emails. I only had 2 days worth of emails on my 7510 BB. I also recently upgraded to 4.0.
    Since I read the response to Kikki I have removed 4 applications but there is not any difference in the amount of memeory in the “Status”-”File Free”. It seems to change randomly with no correlation to the amount of applications I remove. Any ideas?

  2. 2 Blueberries


    Emails keep dissapearing from my blackberry - when i received new, incoming messages the ole messages will be deleted. (call logs dissapear as well)
    I checked the memory, i have stilll 13354956 bytes of memory.

    Any ideas?


  3. 3 Dtwo

    My 8830 is having the same problem. I have gone through 3 of them, all with the same problem. Verizon doesnt know why my messages and call logs keep disappearing. It seems random.

  4. 4 Ryan

    I have a BlackBerry Peral 8100
    and all my messages are disapearin,
    i can send a txt and not but 10 min later its gone,
    Does ne one know what the problem could be??

  1. 1 sync old emails with blackberry

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