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“Blackberry: Too Long On the Vine” - Nitpick


BusinessWeek just published a review of the Blackberry 7290 by Steve Rosenbush that you can read here. Overall the article was decent but we have to question Steve’s knowledge of Blackberry devices. We are in no way trying to put Steve down because the point he iterates that the Blackberry device is only good for email is to put it bluntly a crock. Now I partly blame this on RIM’s marketing, yes push-email has made RIM what it is today but you can’t be a one trick pony forever, especially when companies like Good Technology and Microsoft are coming up. In reality, RIM isn’t a one trick pony and we try to prove that with our ‘Getting The Most’ articles but we’re just a small online site with minimal reach. Now this could change greatly if RIM made a conscious effort in promoting its 3rd party vendor solutions like Vettro Rainmaker for CRM, Idokorro for system administration, Aeroprise for mobile support, and hundreds of others.

Anyways enough of the rant, lets correct some of the points Rosenbush stated in his artcle:

But I wanted a model that was designed with e-mail in mind first and foremost, with the ability to edit documents created in Microsoft’s (MSFT ) Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Out of the box you can not edit documents you need to install 3rd party software like Dynoplex’s eOffice.

So about that e-mail: The 7290′s software has a unique approach. Other e-mail programs are designed for the desktop, with elaborate folders for incoming mail, sent items, and the like. BlackBerry dumps all of the user’s messages into a single box. Incoming and outgoing e-mail, voice mail and text messages, and more flow into the same list in chronological order.

The default email screen will dump everything into communal inbox but like we pointed out earlier this week you can filter the messages by incoming and outgoing messaging, phone log, SMS messages, voicemail, and direct call log. You can find how to do this here …

I’m willing to accept a somewhat more complicated folder-based e-mail system that allows me to file and organize as well as read my e-mail on the run. But the BlackBerry system is well thought out.

You can, if you’re on a BES your folders will look exactly like your Outlook window. You can see this by wheel-clicking -> view folders in your message screen.

Excellent choice for people who only care about e-mail in a mobile device

Not quite, yes RIM is best known for push-email but you can do so much more than that.

MarketXS introduces MarketXSPro for BlackBerry


MarketXS, leading provider of real-time market data technology and trading solutions, today announced the introduction of MarketXSPro for BlackBerry(r), an easy-to-use mobile application to access prices and latest news from the world’s financial markets in real-time via the Blackberry. MarketXSPro for BlackBerry offers personal portfolios, news, charts and alerts, allowing traders and investment managers on the move to respond quickly to market movements, everywhere and anytime. MarketXSPro for Blackberry is an easy-to-install, Java(tm)-based application developed by MarketXS in close cooperation with Finalist, a leading company in technical consulting and development services for e-business applications.

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ALLTEL giving away $1 million ‘dream home’


ALLTEL is giving away $1 million to one lucky customer for a, “Dream home.” The TXT2WIN $1 Million Home Sweepstakes features Ty Pennington from the ABC show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. ALLTEL customers can enter the sweepstakes by sending the text message “home” to the number “123456.” The chance of winning increases for every text, picture, video or instant message a user sends. The sweepstakes runs through July 8, 2005.

This contest is not going to apply to many of our readers seeing that ALLTEL has just launched their first Blackberry device just 2 weeks ago.

Mobile flirting via BlackBerry


It’s singles night at the Nochee nightclub in downtown Minneapolis, but the patrons aren’t getting anywhere near each other - at least at first. Instead, they’re peering and thumb-pecking at handheld text-messaging devices known as BlackBerrys, in the latest high-tech twist on the singles scene. BlackBerrys are all the rage in the business world, where they’re dubbed “crackberries” because they tend to get corporate honchos hopelessly hooked on e-mail. So it’s not surprising someone would repurpose them as dating aids.

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Getting The Most: Byron From Unwired Access


Unwired Access Logo
I am a Software Test Engineer and owner of a small business that does wireless Hot Spots in Colorado. I use a 7520 on the Nextel iDEN network.

As a Software Test Engineer I can get out of the office and do some work and still be connected to my team via e-mail even without an internet connection.

As a Hot Spot owner the Black Berry allows me to get out and do sales adding new locations, if I do get a support call I can use MidpSSH to connect to one of our devices and trouble shoot, do a reboot, and to insure there is connectivity. Of course I still can get those support emails and respond accordingly.

I use Pocketday to help manage appointments, calls, weather and stocks. So far this is the only “for pay” program I could justify. I have not been able to make it worth buying HTML browsers or webmail viewers. I just use the normal WAP browser. That is not to say I am exctedly waiting for Nextel to realease the Black Berry browser so I can view full HTML, I am just willing to pay extra for it.

I carry two phone usually these days… for work/my business and the Black Berry for my personal phone number abd its data capabilities. It did allow for me not to have to carry a notebook PC or a iPAQ. I can usually handle all customer issues from the Black Berry. The only reason for that is I can pass of the “support” phone to someone else as I need or want too. My Black Berry is never far away from me.

So in the few months I have had a Blak Berry it has taken over my mobile phone life. Sometimes I even forward calls to it just to use and only carry one phone.

Byron L. Bacher
Unwired Access

For his submission Byron gets a free license key for Idokorro Mobile SSH. ‘Getting The Most’ is a series of articles where our readers tell us how they get the most from their Blackberry device. Tell your own story on how you get the most from your Blackberry and receive free software from our sponsors. Email your submission to

Berry 411 Improves Maps and Driving Directions


Berry 411
Berry 411 a free 411-esque program for your Blackberry developed by Phillip Bogle has now been improved with better driving directions and maps. Both are now better formatted and use Google Local rather than Mapquest. In addition, the details page in yellow pages now lets you learn more about the business using web links provided by Google Local. Other features that Berr 411 has are white and yellow page look up, quick Google Search, movie listings and more.

You can find download information here …