Blackberry 7270 Now Available

The new Blackberry 7270 Wireless Handheld provides built-in enterprise telephony and a superior wireless email and data experience for facility-based employees - all in a single, integrated device. It will operate on 802.11b Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs), allowing on-premises users to move freely with wireless access to desktop phone functionality and a rich suite of applications including email, browser and organizer. The Blackberry 7270 is ment for enterprise customers only seeing that there is no regular cell phone functionality, solely WiFi.

Features Include:

* Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) based IP telephony
* Ability to leverage WiFi® investments
* Advanced security features
* Ample memory for application and data storage
* “Push” delivery of email and data
* Wireless access to intranet and Internet based applications
* Single mailbox integration with IBM® Lotus™ Domino®, Microsoft® Exchange and Novell® GroupWise®
* Attachment viewing
* Cradle-less email and organizer synchronization
* Remote address book look-up
* Javaâ„¢ development platform based on open standards
* Centralized management and support

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