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You get your new Blackberry and now you want to start adding programs on it but you have no clue how and where. Handango, the leading provider of mobile downloads has provided an easy solution for Blackberry users, called InHand. InHand is an on-device software catalog that simplifies the process of finding, installing and purchasing software applications and games. We had a chance to take a look at InHand and here is what we have to say …

First we should outline the older/conventional way to install programs on your Blackberry. First option was to install programs “Over-The-Air” where you point your Blackberry browser to a website and click on a download link. This way is nice and easy but you still needed to know the website URL and make sure that your browser is capable of downloading “OTA” (Nextel/Telus WAP browsers are not). The second method was more tedious, this way you needed to download the install files (.alx and .cod) on your computer, connect your Blackberry to the computer, and use Application Loader to load the games onto your Blackberry. A lot more tedious and it requires a computer and most likely the WinZip program to unzip the .alx and .cod files to install. With InHand the process is made real easy; browsing, purchasing and installing is done completely on your Blackberry.

To get yourself started with InHand you need to first install the InHand client, you can do it both ways through OTA or Application Loader. To install OTA you need to point your Blackberry browser to After you get things installed you will be asked to select your country and to set your WAP connection. People on BES make sure you select ‘Direct Connect’.

InHand currently has 43 titles that are available through InHand, split into 6 categories; best sellers, productivity, travel, business, entertainment games. This is less than you can find on their regular website but as more and more people use InHand we’re sure this number will grow. Also depending on your Blackberry model you may find you have even less but the programs have not been ported over to your particular model, insuring you won’t download a program that doesn’t work.

  • Tracy
    Be careful using Handango. They are a rip off, the developers have useless information, they wont refund your money, and you have to PAY to speak to customer service.
  • George
    Great ! I need some more.
  • Mike
    Its great to have access to many applications from your device without having to search the internet.
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