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iEnterprises Announces CRM On the Go

iEnterprises, Inc. today announced the availability of “CRM on the Go”, its new wireless CRM application for the BlackBerry(R) platform, developed by Research In Motion . The application provides a strong ROI by extending existing CRM investments and increasing mobile workers’ productivity. CRM on the Go interoperates with any CRM platform including Siebel,, and others. CRM on the Go can also work in an organization that has more than one CRM solution deployed internally, thus allowing them to mobilize their entire CRM infrastructure with a single product.

“Having contact information available at our fingertips whether that be through a laptop computer or a BlackBerry device provides our people with the information they need when they need it,” said Christine Huerter, Director of Information Technology at Shulas Steakhouses.

CRM on the Go allows users to always be “in the know” so they can better manage sales leads, clients, and opportunities to enhance customer care.

“Wireless CRM is a powerful and complementary application for BlackBerry,” said Mark Guibert, Vice President, Corporate Marketing, at Research In Motion. “We are very pleased that iEnterprises has invested its CRM expertise into a wireless solution that can help organizations further enhance productivity and customer service.”

In many companies, poor access to time-sensitive information has made the daily lives of mobile users inefficient and frustrating. Missed opportunities combined with costs associated with faxes, phone calls, deploying and maintaining laptops, and staffing have taken heavy tolls on many organizations’ bottom lines.

By using CRM on the Go, mobile workers and executives gain a tremendous edge. Equipped with immediate access to both CRM and back office systems from their BlackBerry device, they can securely send and receive messages or access critical information such as a log, quote, or call report generated at the corporate office or from another mobile device - even when they are out of cellular network coverage. Eliminating guesswork and delays help executives and sales representatives deliver information to their customers more thoroughly and on target.

CRM on the Go also inspires collaboration across the entire enterprise. For example, executives can immediately view graphical insight into their sales pipelines and forecast dips or spikes. Marketing and sales forces can also better unify databases and rely on up- to- date and accurate information, streamlining business processes and saving valuable time. Such benefits result in reduced operations costs and keep revenues growing.

“Many companies have put so much money and time into implementing CRM, but sales leads have still been dropped, opportunities missed, and customers neglected - because information was unavailable where and when it was needed or the application was not user friendly. Now CRM on the Go provides access to this important information in an easy to use wireless application allowing companies to finally reap the rewards from their past CRM investments,” said Matt Zimmerman, Vice President of Sales for iEnterprises, Inc. “CRM on the Go gives our customers an affordable application they will be excited to use everyday. They need something simple, tightly integrated to their current CRM systems, and can get the job done right. We feel that CRM on the Go does all of this and more- so better business decisions can be made and productivity gains can be realized.”

iEnterprises’ CRM on the Go helps mobile users perform the following key tasks:

Manage opportunities: Mobile workers can enter and manage sales, forecasting, and other information wirelessly, including sales projections and real time sales information. They can also analyze sales trends, project revenue over any period of time, better manage the entire sales cycle, and manage opportunities against individualized sales quotas.

Facilitate multi-faceted reporting: CRM on the Go enables real time access to any back-end enterprise data (not just CRM) for reporting directly on the wireless device including customer analytics, product inventory, and more.

Manage call reports: Mobile workers can enter information directly from the customer site or from other remote locations. Management and administrative staff can also continue to work and manage onsite activities real time.

Search and download data from existing CRM platform: Mobile workers can search for data on their hosted CRM system via the server. Data can be pulled down to the device and stored on the fly when in coverage. The application accepts data from the CRM on the Go Server and updates the persistent storage in the device.

CRM on the Go is offered as a licensed and/or hosted solution. In addition, CRM on the Go for BlackBerry utilizes BlackBerry Enterprise Server(TM), creating a secure and reliable environment to exchange and store critical information.

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