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Worldmate 2005 Professional - Reviewed

We recently announced the release of Worldmate Pro by Mobimate which they coin to be ‘the ultimate business traveler’s mobile companion’. We previously did a review of the older Worldmate program and were very excited to review this version, especially with the new features. The new features include International Flight Schedule, Travel Information Center, and various updates to improve the speed. Read what we have to say below …


The new edition is even bigger than the last one, reaching 304 kb for the Corporate 7100 version. Size will vary a bit depending on your Blackberry model and whether you are using the BES or WAP version. Installation is done through the Application Loader because there’s still no Over-The-Air install option.


World Clock – Provides times for 5 cities simultaneously. The default cities are London, New York, Paris, Tokyo, and Los Angeles. It is very easy to change the default cities, Worldmate lists over 250 major metropolitan centers.

Flight Schedule – This feature is the main improvement in Worldmate Professional. It allows you to view all departures times for all major airports and schedule for 800 carriers. Flight information is very detailed, we did a flight query from JFK to London’s Heathrow and we received flight number, departure and local arriving time, total flight time, layover information, and the model of air plane. We were very impressed with the amount of detail provided.

Day/Night Map – Provides a visual day/night map of the world. This feature was the most disappointing in the last version because it was way too slow. We are glad to report that the issue was resolved and works much better. Although still not the fastest it is much improved where you won’t get too annoyed.

Weather – Provides a 5 day forecast of 250 cities from The Weather Network.

Currency – You can view 3 currencies at once. You can easily change to another monetary unit, WorldMate provides real time currency exchange to every world currency. This feature can pay for itself, I can’t count the many times I went walking around to see which place would give me the best rates but after walking for 30 minutes I end up at the first exchange shop. Now with WorldMate you can view the real exchange rate and calculate if you are getting a fair rate at the exchange shop.

Travel Information Center – This is the other new feature that was added to this release. It provides contact information for the major airlines, hotels, rental agencies, and USA and international dialing prefixes. This feature is a must for anyone that travels frequently.


You can tell Mobimate made a conscious effort to appeal to the road warrior which is many Blackberry users. The added features of the flight schedules and travel information will appeal too many. They are such a natural fit for the program and offer that much more for the traveling man or woman. Although the price has gone up significantly (doubled), it is still well worth it at $49.95.

You can buy or download the trial from Handango …

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One Response to “Worldmate 2005 Professional - Reviewed”

  1. Rachel Grossman
    April 25th, 2005 02:31

    Thank you for reveiwing the product again.

    Just a reminder that the price listed above is for a limited time only. The regular price will be $59.95, a price we feel is a bargain still for the added value of the new features. Also, a new version of WorldMate Standard Edition was release last week, and this version fixed many bugs from the previous version as well as increased speed and efficiency.

    Thanks again.

    Best regards,

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