Extending Your Blackberry Battery Life


This tip comes from the ‘Mastering Your Blackberry Device’ presentation given by Andrew Bocking at WES 2005. Here is his tips on extending battery life.

1. Use the Auto On/Off feature (Options -> Auto On/Off) to have the device automatically power off and power on overnight.

2. When wireless coverage is not needed users should “Turn Wireless Off”.

3. Within the Profiles application on the device try to minimize the number of notifications for often-occurring events like new email messages. Chose between tone, vibrate or LED notifications to minimize the absolute number of notification types for such common events.

4. For new Bluetooth-enabled BlackBerry devices when the user is not using Bluetooth they should “Turn Bluetooth Off”.

5. Lastly, when you are not using your device put it in the holster as this will power off the LCD screen to conserve power!