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Info-Cop Now Available for BlackBerry


Info-Cop’s wireless communications software for law enforcement and emergency response now runs on the BlackBerry(R) platform developed by Research In Motion, giving law enforcement departments even more flexibility in running Info-Cop’s public safety software.

“Info-Cop has taken security to the highest level by implementing NIST Certified AES-256 RSA encryption in all its Info-Cop software for BlackBerry, making it FIPS 140-2 compliant. This level of encryption is so secure that the U.S. Government allows it to be used for more than 80 per cent of communications. In addition, the Info-Cop software for BlackBerry establishes a direct connection to the Info-Cop server which controls the data from end to end which ensures law enforcement agencies that their data is securely protected,” said Rich Picolli, president and CEO of Info-Cop. “Law enforcement officials can now be assured of convenient, discreet access to their most critical data, whether they are on foot, in a patrol car, or on a bike or horseback.”

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Blackberry Cool Gets A Fresh Design


Unlike most Americans who were taking the Memorial long-weekend as an excuse to go on a road trip or just relax for an extra day, we at BBCool had other ideas. As you may have notice we revised the site with a much cleaner, fresher, and friendlier design. The new site is not just all about looks though, we have added a new BlackBerry Hardware Guide and BlackBerry Software Directory.

The BlackBerry Hardware Guide is ment for new users who are looking for quick information on Blackberry devices before buying. We allow users to rate and review particular BlackBerry models, so go ahead and share your info and help the community.


The Software Directory will be an up-to-date directory full of software titles for the BlackBerry device. Users will be able to read, download, rate, and review hundreds of software titles for the BlackBerry. Software titles for the BlackBerry device will be added for the next 2-3 weeks, so check back often for new titles.

* Publishers, please email to learn how to get your program added to the database for free!


Please post any feedback including good or bad plus any bugs that you come upon.

Rumored Specs on new BlackBerry ‘Electron’


Blackberry ElectronAccording to, the specifications for the new Blackberry ‘Electron’ are:

Launch: Q405
Display: 240×160, 65k colors
BlueTooth: Yes
Speaker: Yes
Messaging: Instant Messaging and Blackberry push-email.
Network: EDGE / Quadband

The most interesting tidbit is EDGE which stands for Enhanced Data rates for Global Evolution is based on Global System for Mobile Communications which is about 10 times faster than GPRS. Although still very much in its infancy in the United States (even Europe) we can’t help to think that new handhelds built for the mobile professional will spur the nation-wide deployment of EDGE. The new ‘Electron’ is also slated to have a speaker much like the 7100 and 75xx series. It also seems like this new device will be the first to have Instant Messaging built-in.


ZZZAdmin Releases MobileAdmin For Blackberry


Remote Desktop for Mobiles is a fully-fledged communication tool that works with a wide range of GSM phones and RIM BlackBerry devices. Not only does it transmit the desktop view of your computer to your phone display, it gives you the ability to interact with it in real-time as if you were right in front of it. You will be able to execute mouse and keyboard commands lightning fast and with a remarkable ease. Its intuitive user interface, simple navigation and a list of frequently used options fully compensate for the inconveniences of mobiles, i.e. the small size of their display and buttons. Added to this is the highest level of data transfer protection which is guaranteed from any intrusion by the strong encryption algorithm.

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Cingular Now Offering GoodLink by Good Technology


Cingular Wireless today added a powerful wireless e-mail and data capability to its broad range of solutions for business customers by directly offering GoodLink(TM), Good Technology’s award-winning wireless messaging and data access software and service. Cingular is the first wireless cellular company in North America to offer GoodLink directly to its B2B clients.

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Palm CEO On Blackberry Connect


Andrew from Treonauts has an interesting tidbit for when he attended Palm’s CEO speech at MobileSummit. When Ed Colligan was asked on his thoughts about Blackberry Connect, he states that there was little interest from carriers for the present version of Blackberry Connect on the Treo and that this was the primary reason why it had not yet been made available. Pictures of Blackberry Connect on the Treo were released earlier this year at 3GSM World but there has been no serious developments since then.

On the recent name change, Ed reiterated that this was naturally excellent news and a major future benefit to palmOne. Pat McVeigh, PalmSource’s interim CEO, noted that with only a few hundred clients compared to palmOne’s many millions it was obvious which company could best exploit the brand. In this vein, it was also noted that PalmSource would for its part however soon (within four years) have to change its name but he did not provide an indication as to what direction this might take. Additionally, Pat pointed out that a change of name would actually provide PS with more freedom to approach competing handset manufacturers.

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