T-Mobile USA Q1 Results Show Major Rise In Blackberry Subscribers

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T-Mobile logoT-Mobile USA reports its Q1 numbers today, the last national US carrier to do so. The report mentioned that they added 91,000 new Blackberry subscribers for the quarter bringing it to a total of 500,000 Blackberry subscribers. Now if you do the math, that’s nearly a 20% increase in 3 months. We are assuming the success is a result of T-Mobile being the first to come out with the Blackberry 7100 series of handhelds.

Other tidbits from the report:

* Net income of $103 million from revenue of $2.85 billion
* 957,000 net new customers added in Q1 2005, bringing the total to over 18 million. Q1 2004 saw 1.2M adds.
* Postpay churn at 2.3%, down from 2.6%
* ARPU of $54 in Q1 2005 (data was 7.6% of total)

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