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Express Weather is Handmark’s solution for retrieval of weather, ski, and marine forecasts. The ability to know the current weather and conditions around the country can provide useful in almost any travel situation - not to mention, it’s just handy to know! Express Weather is a full-featured weather application that delivers the latest weather information to your BlackBerry in seconds without the need for a BES. Read further to see our full review …


Installation is straight forward and requires the use of the Application Loader. The latest version can be downloaded directly from Activation is as easy as inputting a username and password into the Account option in the Express Preferences menu. You can also choose to set up a 30-day trial account right from your device.


Express Weather offers the ability to quickly retrieve a 7-day forecast, 2-day detailed forecast, detailed marine forecast, and ski reports for any US city with the simple entry of the city and state or zip code. The 7-day forecast provides a quick overview of the current conditions plus the forecast for the upcoming week. The quick view displays the forecasted high and low temperatures along with precipitation outlooks and general temperature feel. Selecting an individual day gives a more detailed outlook, providing precipitation details, general temperature feel, cloud forecast, highs and lows, humidity, comfort temperature (what it feels like), wind, dew point, and UV index.

The 2-day detailed forecast provides a quick view of the current day and the next day broken down by morning, afternoon, evening, and night. The quick break-downs include basic precipitation information, cloud cover, and general temperature feel information. Selecting one of the options allows the user to see the precipitation information, cloud cover information, general temperature feel, temperature, humidity, comfort (feels like temp), wind, dew point, and visibility conditions.

Current radar images are available for both the 7-day and 2-day detailed forecasts by simply selecting Radar from the menu while viewing the forecast overview. The radar image is easily updated either automatically based on preferences or by choosing the Update option from the menu. These clear radar images give you a very good idea of local precipitation and storms in the area, and load typically in only about ten seconds.

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