Franco Rothner: Why we love Blackberry


Franco Rothner is a technologist at Standard Bank Technology R&D, he documents his experience from Blackberry-skeptic to Blackberry-fanatic.

Believe me, there was no bigger non believer than myself over the BlackBerry value proposition! I mean come on. We have Exchange 2003 that enables remote synchronization with your PIM style information. This is certainly enough, or is it?

Fast forward to this year. I deployed a Blackberry pilot environment to really answer the question still in the back of my mind: “Why BlackBerry?”. So, we received our allocated BlackBerry devices from the friendly Vodacom and MTN guys.Within 2 weeks of using the device I developed 2 BlackBerry thumbs, the equivalent of a tennis elbow. But oh boy was I hooked. My IMate was retired to the drawer and I started operating on only my BlackBerry. Since then, I have received more than 4000 e-mail messages and have typed more than 500 mail responses on this device. I am still not sure as to why I am so absolutely fascinated by this ultra pervasive technology, but I cannot be without mine.

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