Good Technology Reaches $200M In Venture Capital


Wireless e-mail software maker and service provider Good Technology Inc., already one of the best-funded companies in Silicon Valley, has landed another $65 million in venture funding to bring the total amount raised over its five years to more than $200 million.

The new funding round, which one of the participants confirmed, comes only two months after NTP Inc., an Arlington, Va.-based patent holding company, invested an undisclosed amount in Good Technology as part of a licensing agreement. Advanced Equities Financial Corp., a Chicago investment banking boutique specializing in raising late stage financing for high-tech startups from high net worth individuals, raised $40 million of the $65 million round.

It’s unclear whether any of the money raised in the fundraising was used to buy out any of the previous investors in the Santa Clara, Calif.-based startup. But either way, the new financing could well indicate just how tough the public financing market is for technology companies if startups such as Good Technology bypass an initial public offering for yet another private round.

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