Info-Cop Now Available for BlackBerry


Info-Cop’s wireless communications software for law enforcement and emergency response now runs on the BlackBerry(R) platform developed by Research In Motion, giving law enforcement departments even more flexibility in running Info-Cop’s public safety software.

“Info-Cop has taken security to the highest level by implementing NIST Certified AES-256 RSA encryption in all its Info-Cop software for BlackBerry, making it FIPS 140-2 compliant. This level of encryption is so secure that the U.S. Government allows it to be used for more than 80 per cent of communications. In addition, the Info-Cop software for BlackBerry establishes a direct connection to the Info-Cop server which controls the data from end to end which ensures law enforcement agencies that their data is securely protected,” said Rich Picolli, president and CEO of Info-Cop. “Law enforcement officials can now be assured of convenient, discreet access to their most critical data, whether they are on foot, in a patrol car, or on a bike or horseback.”

The Jersey City Police Department has deployed Info-Cop on BlackBerry devices. John Tkaczyk, MIS director for the department says, “After testing Info-Cop on BlackBerry, we were amazed at how well it performed. It is a perfect marriage of the best mobile data application for law enforcement and public safety coupled with the best messaging platform. Since the BlackBerry platform is so small, light, and at such an excellent price point, we are able to deploy mobile data to many more officers than we had anticipated. It still amazes me that we can have a full-featured Info-Cop package on this platform.”

“BlackBerry has proven its leadership in the government and public sector by continuously maintaining the highest levels of security certification and offering a standards-based, reliable platform,” said Mark Guibert, Vice President, Corporate Marketing at Research In Motion. “Info-Cop’s software for BlackBerry will allow emergency service agencies to easily access information and help in the decision-making process.”

Info-Cop’s application for BlackBerry functions on an existing Info-Cop server, eliminating separate server installation and administration. The Java-based server software can accommodate up to 2,000 users. The Info-Cop application has features that allow remote management of individual devices, controlling lost or stolen devices to further eliminate the possibility of unauthorized access.

In addition, Info-Cop’s application for BlackBerry boasts easy-to-use features including numerous pull-down menus, query status, error checks, and status buttons for easy one-touch updates and assistance. The full-screen photo display allows images to be displayed along with the recommended response; and the electronic hazardous materials guide eliminates the needs to carry the book.

About Info-Cop

Info-Cop was created by a team of professionals in 2001 and has been quickly and successfully deployed by hundreds of law enforcement and emergency response agencies throughout the United States. Info-Cop’s software supplies police officers in the field with direct, wireless access to motor vehicle and warrant information and photo images within seconds, thus reducing risk in potentially dangerous situations. Thousands of law enforcement professionals throughout the United States currently use Info-Cop software and share its
unique nationwide database of summons, warnings and flags. As the fastest-growing public safety information network in the country, Info-Cop’s cross-platform functionality is highly adaptable and can be run over all popular public or private wireless networks, including conventional radio frequencies and advanced 1XRTT, EVDO, GPRS, EDGE 802.11 and CDPD networks. To learn more about Info-Cop visit

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