How To Receive Email On Your Blackberry From Outlook Web Access Account

Having an Outlook Web Access account has been getting more and more popular these days. It allows users to access their Outlook account through the web. This makes it easier for some people, especially people who are on the move or don’t have access to a main computer. To integrate an Outlook Web Access (OWA) account with your BlackBerry account:

1. Connect to the BlackBerry Internet Service website and log in to your BlackBerry account.
2. On the navigation bar, click Profile.
3. Under Email Accounts, click the hyperlink other email accounts.
4. Click Add Account.
5. Type the email address, user name, and password in the appropriate fields and click Submit.
6. Under Microsoft Outlook/Exchange, select the option for I can access my mailbox using a Web browser (Outlook Web Access).
7. Click Submit.
8. In the Outlook Web Access URL field, type the OWA account URL.
9. In the Mailbox Name field, type the Mailbox name for your OWA account.
10. Verify that your email address, user name, and password are correct.
11. Select the Leave messages on mail server check box.
12. Click Submit.

If everything was setup correctly you will see a green checkbox, if not a red checkbox and you will need to try again.

14 Responses to “How To Receive Email On Your Blackberry From Outlook Web Access Account”

  1. 1 James

    Even better: Get your GMAIL on BlackBerry!

  2. 2 Noel

    Thanks, James. I agree, accessing gmail is cool.

    However, I’m wondering if a BlackBerry 8830 can access OWA in the manner that this article suggests with implementing Blackberry Enterprise server.

  3. 3 Chris

    I would like to receive my emails on both my outlook and my blackberry device. How do i go about doing this.

  4. 4 ddkess

    How would you setup Outlook Web Access on your bberry if the website requires a personal certificate and not a username/password?

  5. 5 Chau Mai Hong

    Hi Sirs,
    I use blackberry device 8320 and i have upgraded the OS to version 4.5 to get the camera recoder,

    after that i encounter the issue with web browser operation:

    - when i access to my company firewall page i just can type in the user name after that i can not jump into the box to type in the password
    - if i try to press “D” key, the sofware (currently window) disappear until i press the browser icon again,

    please help to give me a solving this issue,

    Thanks & Best Regards,
    Chau Mai Hong

  6. 6 billdan01

    (I have a Blackberry Curve 8330 from Verizon)

    I was having the same problem of being able to view but not open or reply to work emails in Outlook Webmail.

    Once in your Blackberry browser Go to Options->Browser Configuration-> and keep the Emulation Mode as Blackberry

    Then Go back to Options then go to General Properties and UNCLICK the “enable cursor in column view” radio button.

    And I probably already had this but I’m assuming you need to have Column View as your viewing preference when logged into Outlook Webmail.

    This allows me to open AND REPLY to my work email. It doesn’t even have the “sent from Blackberry Device” footer on the emails.

    Try it and let me know if it works for you. Hope this helps!

  7. 7 Brenda

    To billdan01,

    Your solution worked for me. I thought I had tried everything. The cursor enabled was what was causing me my issues.

    Thank you!!!!


  8. 8 Denise

    Until about a week ago I was able to accees my work e-mail through the MIcrosoft exchange webmail system. There must have been an upgrade in their system. Now all I can do is see that I have e-mail I can not read it or of course reply, since I can not open the messages. I do not have access to a OWA account. I can still read and reply through my desktop computer, but I would really like to be mobile. Is there some way I can adjust my Blackberry8310 to allow me access to read the microsoft exchange server? I just recently did an update to the 4.5 version of my Blackberry.

  9. 9 Tom O'Hare

    Trying to set up work email using Web outlook Access. My work email uses HTTPS.
    Does that stop it working?

    I’m hoping to set it up this way as an alternative way of recieving emails.
    My work email was orginally set up without needing to use WOA but when my password changed and I tried to change the password on the BB it came up with a validation error. I deleted the account and tried to set it up again without sucess.

  10. 10 Justin

    Whoa… this site is pretty awesome :) your layout is really well designed, and your blogs are (judging from what i’ve read) very interesting. heehee… consider yourself favorited. :-P

  11. 11 Denise

    I found that if I changed browers from media net to opera mini I was able to start reading and replying to my e-mail through outlook.

  12. 12 Lenny Hursh

    I’ve been looking for this very subject for awhile now - no one has content just like this. Really glad I found this site. Are you willing to be a guest blogger on my site? I’ll email you with some details if you want.

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