Enhanced security for Blackberry Devices


PatchLink Corp. says that it has integrated the security management of wireless smartphones and PDA devices into its UPDATE software platform. In addition, PatchLink has established a new Wireless Division to support its ongoing wireless security management technology, integration research and development. Final product delivery for wireless platforms such as Microsoft Windows Mobile, Symbian, Research In Motion (RIM) BlackBerry, and Palm OS is scheduled for Q3 2005.

“PatchLink’s advanced, multi-platform security management capabilities for wireless technologies address a new level of organisational vulnerability as the edge of the enterprise network extends to include wireless smartphones and PDAs,” said PatchLink CEO Sean Moshir. “Threats to IT security stretch beyond the traditional network for organisations of all types, including government targeting wireless smartphone and PDA operating systems. PATCHLINK UPDATE will now give administrators the ability to administer policy management and audit mobile inventory from a single security console regardless of the network device type managed, resulting in a broader security management solution for our customers.”

PatchLink is working closely with several wireless phone operating system vendors and has joined the Windows Mobile Solutions Partner Program to ensure customers solid coordination with Microsoft.

In support of proactive extended enterprise security management, IDC Research Director of Security Products, Charles Kolodgy comments, “The world of wireless and mobile devices is changing rapidly, and the desire for ubiquitous connectivity is driving both enterprise and service provider deployments of wireless infrastructure and applications. With this in mind, automated vulnerability management to reduce the risk of critical data loss or corruption should be a key element of an organisation’s IT security program. PatchLink is responding to customer and market needs by its strategic move into the wireless security marketplace.”

Moreover, Yankee Group Senior Analyst Security Solutions Andrew Jaquith adds, “With the rise of intelligent mobile devices comes the need to ensure their integrity. Mobile patching and vulnerability management solutions extend the reach of IT operations to include previously unmanaged devices. By keeping their firmware, OS, and applications up-to-date, corporations can keep mobile devices in a �known state,’ and can help keep them secure from potential future threats.”

According to recent Gartner market data, shipments of smartphones into the distribution channel surged to 6.76 million units in Q4 2004, an increase of 66% on Q3 2004; shipments of PDAs into the distribution channel reached 3.86 million units in Q4 2004, an increase of 5%; while the Symbian operating system (OS) remains the leader in the global smartphone market.

Former vice chair of the President’s Critical Infrastructure Protection Board (PCIPB) and former Special Adviser for Cyberspace Security for The White House, Howard A. Schmidt commented, “As smartphones and wireless PDAs have rapidly become an integral part of many enterprise networks, a lack of security solutions exists for centralised, policy-based management of these devices. PatchLink’s solutions and support for the wireless market enhances the security and business continuity surrounding these devices and reduces the complexity of high-level security monitoring across all data-platforms in the enterprise.”