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How to Change a BlackBerry Wireless Handheld Password from the BES

A BlackBerry Enterprise Server administrator can change a BlackBerry Wireless Handheld password by sending an IT Policy to the handheld. When the user accepts the IT Policy, the new password becomes effective.

To change a handheld password using the BlackBerry Enterprise Server, perform the following steps:

1. Open the BlackBerry Enterprise Server Management console.
2. Right-click the user account that requires a password change.
3. Click IT Admin > Set Password and Lock.
4. In the Set Handheld Password and Lock window, type the new password into the New Password and New Password Again fields.
5. Click OK.

Note: It takes approximately 30 minutes for the new IT Policy to be sent to the handheld.

6. When the handheld receives the IT Policy, the following message is displayed:

New IT Policy Changed Over The Air. Would you like to accept?

7. Click OK. The user can now use the new password on the handheld.

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