China Mobility Solutions Announces Launch of Its Mobile Push Email System


China Mobility Solutions Inc. is pleased to announce that it has launched a mobile email system for the Chinese mobile phone market. The Company is currently in discussions with one of the world’s largest PC manufacturers to distribute this product bundled with their systems.

Similar to the North American “Blackberry” technology, this mobile email system was developed with push-based technology that delivers email to the recipient’s cell phone. The “push” technology means email does not have to be retrieved, but is automatically delivered.

Among the essentials needs of the modern mobile professional is the ability to keep in touch with people, data and resources at all times of their busy days. China Mobility’s email service enables users to utilize what would otherwise be lost communication time. For example, they can send and receive messages while waiting to board a plane or view company information and updates from the back seat of a taxi. A seamless operation is also facilitated by allowing employees to clear trouble spots or bottlenecks in operations from remote locations and order needed supplies, tools or parts from any location they are currently located.

“We are very excited about this new mobile service and the positive effect it will have on a company’s operations and mobile communications connectivity,” said Angela Du, president of China Mobility Solutions.

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  1. 1 Phil Coons

    Do you have Blackberry Phones now and will your system now support them if not when will it.


  2. 2 Michael Schneider

    I want to have a black berry in China, but not much information/knowledge available. Please provide me with some contacts who know about this technology. Thanks.

  3. 3 oliver

    am looking for unlocking solutionfor older cdma and gsm phones can you assist sms 254722520083

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