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Berry411 does exactly what its name implies; it can look up telephone numbers, addresses, and now much more. Berry411 is developed by Philip Bogle and he is kind enough to offer the program for free. Since the original release, Berry411 has seen tremendous improvement. Originally used just for looking up phone numbers and addresses it now has become even more powerful and a must-have for every Blackberry user.


Berry411 is both offered as an Over-The-Air (OTA) Install or through the Application Loader. The latest version of the program is now version 2.3 which comes in at 53kb. To install OTA point your Blackberry Browser to:

To install via Application Loader, download the following file:


When starting up Berry411 it will asked you to enter your Work and Home address so it can localize your searches. The original features of Berry411 were the white and yellow page look ups. Searching for someone is a simple process, enter the search term in the Search field and then wheel-click and choose to look up in the white pages or yellow pages. If you entered your address properly then you should see results that are local for you. If not then you would need to edit your address locations once more.

Once you get your search results you can highlight the number to call, get driving directions or view a map of the location. Driving directions and maps are courtesy of Google Maps. Maps and locations are downloaded fairly quickly because they are optimized for mobile devices with limited bandwidth.

Features that have since been added is the ability to search Google, lookup an Encyclopedia, view the weather, check movie times, and search Froogle for shopping deals. Philip Bogles calls these new features plugins, just like how Mozilla has search plugins you can also add your own plugin by entering the proper URL and search strings. Plugins can be used for anything, you can add one for Yahoo search if you prefer it over Google or Canadians can specific weather temperature in Celsius instead of Fahrenheit. With the ability to add your own plugin you can see the power and usefulness of Berry411.


Like we mentioned earlier, anyone that has a Blackberry should have this program on their device. There’s really nothing to lose seeing how the program is available for free. The Blackberry community owes a great debt to Philip, and you can show your appreciation by contributing to The National Disaster Relief and Rehabilitation Fund in Sri Lanka to aid victims of the Tsunami disaster which he encourages on his website.

Learn more about Berry411 here …

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