MileageManager Reviewed


The Blackberry is the perfect tool for the road warrior, it can keep you in constant touch with the office by phone or email, you can keep up with the news on the road, or you can use it to pass some time waiting for a flight. Like a lot of you road warriors, your company will reimbursed you for the mileage you put on your car. So having a program on your Blackberry that keeps track of your mileage and total money owed makes sense. So here’s our mini review on MileageManager by Total Wireless Solutions …

The program is of simple design; the main screen is where you will see all your trips listed and the amount owing to you from your employer. The first time you boot up the program, you should set your preferences. This is where you will choose your currency and enter your reimbursement rate.

After you finish with your preferences you can now start adding entries. Trip entries are categorized by Business, Personal, and Other. This is helpful because you can now filter between trips that are billable and personal trips that are not. Other information you need to put in is your odometer start and end, reason for the trip and the program will automatically calculate the rest.

You can also send your mileage expense report by email. Which is a good way to either keep records or you can even send it directly to your employer. The report can either be sent in CSV format which makes it easy to manipulate in Excel or in HTML format.

One thing we would have liked is an “all clear” option where after you bill your employer you can automatically delete all the entries instead of one-by-one. Just imagine all the entries a contractor on a 6-month project who can only bill upon completion would need to delete.

This program is not overtly complicated but it could make your life much easier. The price reflects that, it is very sensibly priced at $5.50 on Neon Toad.

The program is available for $5.50 at Neon Toad,

Visit the following page for screenshots …

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