Google Launches Google Mobile


Google has launched a mobile version of its search engine built specifically for cell phones and mobile devices. Google Mobile, an index of sites which have been designed for mobile users, offers Web Search and Image Search with access to over 8 billion pages and a billion images. Use Google WebSearch on your phone or mobile device to search through 8 billion pages made specifically for mobile devices. Even though most BES users and some WAP users have full html capability and can surf regular websites just fine, it still could be used to search for WAP versions of sites which will save you on download time and data costs.

The new mobile website can be found at:

2 Responses to “Google Launches Google Mobile”

  1. 1 Frank C. Pieper

    This is excellent !

  2. 2 Ayden

    I almost had a hard attack ! I thought you guys were startinga mobile phone company. Wait there’s an idea. I know thousands would would convert.

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