‘Flirt On the Go’ and Get a Free Blackberry 7290

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Yahoo! Personals are now giving away a free Blackberry 7290 for users who search through Yahoo! Personals for free and sign up to a 2-year voice and data plan. The terms for the free offer stipulates that the customer needs to activate with a 2-year data/voice service agreement at $74.98/mo ($34.99/mo for 4 MB of data, plus $39.99/mo for 450 anytime minutes, 5000 night & weekend minutes, and unlimited mobile-to-mobile calling with other mobile users on service provider’s network). The offer is only valid in the United States and does require a $36 activation fee.

RIM has been co-promoting heavily with various companies to give away free Blackberrys, including Dockers, Orbitz, PNC Bank, but this is definantely one of the stranger ones. In the beginning they had teamed up with companies that made sense like airlines, travel sites, and car rental companies, now we’re just waiting to post an announcement for a free Blackberry with the purchase of Lucky Charms.

To learn more about the Yahoo! Personal offering, visit here …

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