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Seeing that we’ve been on a classic game kick lately with Zork and Pac-Man, we decided why not add another one to the list. This time around, we’re looking at a program called Alien Assault by Sprite, which is sort of a Defender clone that requires you to shoot down alien ships with a turret before they land on your city. Alien Assault is no different, the objective is to defend your city with a turret gun before the aliens destroy it. Here’s a little review on it …

Unlike the original defender, there are no humanoids that you need to worry about. Your only duty is to shoot down the alien ships before they land. Unlike White Ninja the Pac-Man clone, the graphics for Alien Assault are much improved over the original. This does make the game run a bit slow on the Blackberry seeing that it is not the fastest device around. Animation is choppy but it is still very playable.

The Blackberry controls are perfect for the type of game, you control the turret going left and right with the wheel and shoot with the space bar. The angles for the turret are limited, so you do have those times where you can’t shoot a space ship down because there is no right angle. This does get a bit annoying in the later stages of the game where you really need to limit your misses. Shots are limited to 6 at a time, which we find is a bit too many seeing that in the early stages of the game you can just start spraying the sky with shots and finish easily. The game doesn’t get challenging until the colored aliens ships that require multiple shots appear in the later stages.

There are a total of 10 levels, we did pass the game fairly quickly so the game does have limited playability. We first started playing on the Blackberry 7100 but found that the extra vertical display space makes the game too easy, so switched to a 7290 which does up the challenge a bit. Now the reason why the game is not challenging is mostly due to the limited processing power of the Blackberry, seeing that there are only so many ships that can be displayed before the game bogs down and becomes totally unplayable.

Some of you may justify the $10 cost of the game even with the limited playability but for us we can’t really recommend it. The game plays well and is enjoyable but just isn’t challenging enough due to hardware restrictions. It’s just a bit too early for a game like Alien Assault for the Blackberry platform.

The program is available for $10.00 at Neon Toad,

Visit the following page for screenshots …

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